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St. Petersburg, Florida – August 11th, 2017 – Dedicated to building and developing the lives of others, Daniel Nyiri, entrepreneur and fitness guru authored the ‘FITBIZ: Secrets of a Seven-figure Gym’. The book is for entrepreneurs who require the tools to successfully operate a gym or fitness center. Daniel comes with a background filled with experience and qualifications as he was a hockey player,model, certified personal trainer and is now the founder and CEO of 4UFitness, a personal training studiochainwith various locations in the U.S.

To further share his knowledge about the fitness business and his secrets to success, he participated in the Fitness Business podcast at:

The podcast focuses on the top books each fitness enthusiast should read and how best to utilize them to be successful in regards to sales, marketing and leadership. He speaks about how he analysed the lives of other successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins and how their reading habits contributed to their success. His morning ritual consists of reading 2 hours daily at 4:45 AM. Two books he recommends that helped him with being a great influence in his field of business and firing himself from his business are ‘The Key Persons of Influence’ and ‘The E Myth’ respectively.

Further recommendations for books covering sales include ‘Scaling Up’ by Verne Harnish, ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’ by Grant Cardone, and ‘FitBiz’ by Daniel Nyiri. Top recommendations for Marketing are ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ by W. Chan Kim, ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ by Al Ries and Jack Trout, ‘I’d Likethe World to Buy a Coke’ by David Greising. For leadership, Nyiri recommends ‘Lincoln on Leadership’ by Donald Phillips, ‘The Radical Leap’ by Steve Farber and last but not least ‘The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable’ by Patrick Lencioni.

His love affair with reading is what led him to write ‘FitBiz’, a full overview is available at where you may also book Daniel for personal coaching sessions whether it is about your business or your health.He currently reads at least 6 books a month and a maximum 8 books a month; he states “we all have the exact same amount of time 24 hours in a day. This is how I make each minute of each hour valuable by investing that time into myself”.

Some of the topics discussed include nutrition and its importance, how to prepare a winning business pitch, how to market your business, and many more! FitBiz is available on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon Kindle and will soon be available on Audible.

Helping you to operate your gym to the best of its abilities, FitBiz shows you how to: run a business instead of a business running you, build a gym that is sustainable and  profitable, and has a strong brand that clients can trust with a team of superstar trainers so vested in the business that your success will never end.

Nyiri is quite focused on the many ways he may get America involved with one of the most innovative exercising/training methods while ensuring the information given is thoroughly researched and scientifically based. The 4U Fitness team is greatly invested in creating a brand that will lasts for generations on the fitness circuit.

Daniel has been the consummate example receiving the award for Best Gym and Most Innovative Business of the entire Tampa Bay area; he and his team are currently conducting research to help NASA get astronauts to safely colonize Mars by comparing the benefits of EMS against muscle atrophy.

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