Actress Denise Richards Takes On Rare Dramatic Role in Award Winning Independent Film, A Life Lived

A Life Lived is now available for pre-order exclusively on iTunes. A Life Lived is an award winning independent feature film about the life of a single dollar bill and the many lives it passes and impacts along the way. It stars Denise Richards in a dramatic role you have never seen her play before.

One thrilling fact behind the movie is that it was funded with personal credit cards and just as the Director puts it; “We thought about going the crowdfunding route, but I’ve donated so many times without ever seeing a finished product. We decided to do the reverse of that by finishing the film first and then asking for support. A purchase of our film is truly direct support to independent film makers.”

To further drive home the theme of the movie, for every pre-order purchase the producers of the film will be donating a dollar bill to the American Red Cross. “This is as low budget as a film can get. Obviously, we want to make the money back – so we can make another one. But if we can also give back, we’re doing more than just making films,” said the film’s Producer, Chris Cashman.

The movie shows the way in which people are connected in ways they could never imagine. Its duration is 77 minutes and has been rated PG-13. It will be fully available for rent or purchase starting September 1, 2017 on iTunes or Amazon. Other actors include: Jennifer Taylor, Lili Bordan, Brendan McCarthy, Douglas Tait, Karl Backus, and Marshall Manesh.

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