Dwayne Roberts’ Real Estate Lead Academy Teaches Agents How To Convert Buyer’s & Sellers Using Facebook, Instagram & YouTube on a Shoestring Budget

Real Estate Lead Academy President Dwayne Roberts teaches agents how to attract and convert high quality leads.
Real Estate Veteran Dwayne Roberts created a revolutionary new lead system that attracts buyers and sellers like a magnet while automating the entire follow up process with a series of emails, text messages and stealth voicemail drops. Now he has opened his system to real estate agents nationwide bridging the gap between large lead companies and agents who want to control their own destiny.

By Zoey Thompson

Nashville, TN – Real estate can be a rewarding career for many people if they can master the art of attracting buyers and sellers and learn the fundamentals of closing transactions. The down side of real estate as a career has always been the high cost of marketing and the lack of sales training offered by most brokerages.  Dwayne Roberts believes he has a system that will work for everyone and bridges the gap between marketing and teaching agents how to interact with potential clients that will ultimately lead to happy clients and lucrative commission checks. Real Estate Lead Academy is a complete platform that helps agents create lead capture pages that will attract both buyers and sellers, and teaches them how to engage potential clients across the Internet using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

“We get everything started for agents, from the development of the landing pages where leads are captured to the automated follow up system that will screen and qualify leads,” says Roberts. “By the time they’re ready to meet in person the contract is almost a sure thing. This system keeps people from spinning their wheels on leads that simply aren’t going to convert and are a waste of their time.”

Roberts claims that this system is so effective and easy to use that people are getting qualified leads at an average cost between $2.88 to $5.62 per lead. The system duplicates what sites like Zillow and Realtor.com do daily, using provocative ads to get noticed and then automatically following up with the leads using email, text messages and stealth voicemail drops. Additionally, once a lead engages with an ad, the agent digitally follows them around the internet using retargeting campaigns on Google and Facebook’s platforms (including YouTube).  Real Estate Lead Academy automates the process of attracting, filtering, and following up with qualified leads until they are ready to communicate.

“There is no magic pill,” Roberts says, “but it’s as close as people will get. We not only provide them with the right software to get the job done, but also the training they need to convert more sales. Regardless if an agent is brand new or seasoned, we’re the company that will help them jump into the world of digital marketing and separate themselves from the competition.

Real Estate Lead Academy promises a system that is easy to use, easy to learn and without the strings attached. There is no yearly contract in place, and agents are free to discontinue the service at any time and keep their leads.  Roberts initially developed the system over his 15 years of collective experience, investing $150,000 of his own money to create the ultimate lead prospecting and automatic nurturing system for his own brokerage. Since that time, he has opened his system to other agents to avoid the pitfalls that most real estate agents fall into by providing readymade tools and easy to follow training.

Roberts says he has helped several real estate agents have consistent six-figure incomes focusing exclusively on leads from the internet. Unlike Zillow and Realtor.com, lead companies who charge a premium to agents for leads, his system provides all the tools and training necessary to attract leads on Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

“Will I make money with this system? Yes. Did I build it to make money off of other agents? No. Initially, I built it for personal use and my brokerage but soon realized that what I created was very special and I could provide real value to agents across the United States and Canada so I opened it to the public”

“With digital marketing becoming rapidly popular, Real Estate Lead Academy is the future of real estate client acquisition” says Roberts. “I am helping to change the status quo on how real estate agents acquire new clients by providing them the tools and training necessary for a rewarding six figure career.”

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