Heng County Cooperated with Ctrip to Set a New Industrial Benchmark for County-level Tourism Brand

Blossoming Jasmine, Date With Heng County. On August 11, Heng County cooperated with Ctrip Group to hold 2017 Heng County Tourism Promotion in Nanning International Exhibition Center, which displayed the colorful cultural tourism resources and tour routes of Heng County, and promoted the market competitiveness of distinctive Jasmine-related tourism products in Heng County. This is an online and offline integrated tourism marketing event co-created with the joint efforts of Heng County and Ctrip platform.

Collaborating marketing, to create a new brand of Jasmine cultural tourism
At the event, the people’s government of Heng County signed an annual cooperation agreement with Ctrip Group, and both parties will develop professional tourism products and launch in-depth integrated marketing cooperation by aiming at Heng County, to create a new brand of Chinese Jasmine cultural experience tourism for Heng County.
Fragrance appreciation series of routes were released in this promotion, and representatives of travelling salesmen and tourism experts from home and abroad made keynote speeches on tourism development in Heng County, depicting the visions and offering advices.

Meanwhile, information concerning “one Fair and One Festival” of Jasmine was also released. The tenth National Jasmine Tea Trade Fair and 2017 China (Heng County) Jasmine Cultural Festival (hereafter referred to as “One Fair and One Festival”) would be held on August 26-28 in Heng County. Besides, it is a large event integrating the trade, tourism and culture, and more than 20 subjective activities would provide a communicative platform for customers and dealers from all over the world.
Relying on strengths to construct a new system of themed tourism
Heng County boasts beautiful landscapes and sceneries, symbolized by the pure and white Jasmine. It has Baohua Mountain where Emperor Jianwen had lived in seclusion for 15 years and left the inscription “ranking top among all mountains”; Xijin National Wetland Park where egrets inhabit; Jiulong Waterfalls National Forest Park where magnificent mountains and peculiar waterfalls are seated; Xijin Lake Scenic Spot where there are landscapes of lakes and mountains; and Nanshan God Seed Tea Garden which looks like a fictitious land of peace. Furthermore, famous emperors and generals, writers and poets, like General Ma Yuan of Han Dynasty, Zhu Yunwen Emperor Jianwen of Ming Dynasty, famous tourist Xu Xiake, etc. had left legendary marks in Heng County.

In recent years, with the arrival of the mass tourism era, Heng Country has grown to be one of the famous destinations of tourism in middle-sized and small cities in Guangxi by relying on its geographical location and resource superiority. Currently, with the opportunity of creating a national tourism demonstration area and a famous characteristic tourism county in Guangxi, Heng County is now boosting the tourism supply-side reform, implementing the “industry plus tourism” strategy to create an industrial system led by flower-charm Jasmine brand and characterized by green-charm ecological tour, water-charm leisure tour, mountain-charm blessing tour, cultural-charm study tour, and tea-charm industrial tour. The tourist industry in Heng County is now presenting a more characteristic, vigorous and charming new posture.
Comprehensive coordinating to boost the vigorous development of tourism in Heng County
Ctrip Group is China’s largest and world’s second largest online tourist service group, ranking top among tourism groups in China in 2016 and far ahead in the field of business trip service. Heng County launches strategic cooperation with Ctrip Group and constructs a comprehensive and 3D tourism propaganda and promotion system, which allows more domestic and foreign tourists to learn about Heng County, to yearn for it and to like it, thus to boost the tourist industry in Heng County and make it famous in China and even the world.

In accordance with the agreement, Ctrip shall promote the tourism resource of Heng County and establish tourism flagship store for Heng County online to provide continuous travel order placing services to tourists across the world by relying on its mass flow, big data and large products. Moreover, it will also make use of its experience accumulated from the destination marketing for years and platform resources to develop standard products and services. Beside the online exposure of tourism resources in Heng County via Ctrip website and social media, it shall also display and propagandize through BST physical stores, thus to implement the online and offline collaboration, promote the tourist destinations of Heng County, realize a win-win cooperative result, and create a new benchmark for county-level tourism brands.

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