Modeloca: The Ultimate Hub In The Glamorous World Of Modeling Has Arrived

The Rising Network Will Be The Ultimate Destination For Models & Modeling Agencies From Around The Globe

Doha, Qatar – August 11, 2017: Rising hub for modeling industry, Modeloca has announced that it will be offering the services of an ultimate community platform for the modeling industry worldwide. Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, the company has been founded for all the people in the modeling industry including agencies and models. In addition, Modeloca will serve as a productive platform for all those who are willing to invest in this glamorous industry. The platform has been co-founded by Ismail Ramadan, a 28 year old German along with Flamur Sokoli, who is a 20 year old German.

“When we started to develop Modeloca we had in mind that we want to make it easy for aspiring and professional models to connect to other professionals in the modeling industry.” said Ismail Ramadan, the CEO of Modeloca, while introducing his company. “We wanted to start a revolution that will have the result that everybody from old to young can be a model without the worries of getting rejected from agencies.” He added. According to the CEO, the company strongly believes that for every model, there is a job waiting and Modeloca wants to encourage aspiring models to take advantage of that.

Modeloca is a community platform for models as well as modeling agencies that is bringing several great benefits for the models and the modeling agencies. In addition, Modeloca also allows aspiring models to create free profiles with portfolios as the platform enables them to post to their timeline pictures, videos and text. Moreover, agencies or clients can book or hire and message models directly with the hit of a button. They can also follow models and agencies to see their latest posts and interact with them. Furthermore, creating a model or agency profile is free on Modeloca and everyone can join the platform.

“When I created my profile on Modeloca, I was amazed by the website.” Said Madelyn from London, who is a satisfied client of Modeloca. “I was hired by a company in Denmark for a photo shoot, I didn’t have to worry about payments or else, Modeloca took care of everything.” She added. Just like her, several other aspiring models have taken great benefits from the company.

Besides models, modeling agencies and clients can filter model profiles and find quick and easy the perfect model for their project. Moreover, they can create jobs, which models then will apply to. In addition, they can also find new aspiring models, but also professional ones. The most amazing feature of Modeloca is its pricing, which is free until a model gets hired or an agency finds their model. Upon successful hiring, the models hired and the hiring agency will both be charged 10% of the budget to Modeloca if the booking is made.

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