Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg Offers Thorough Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg provides a range of comprehensive window cleaning packages for residential and commercial clients in the Steinbach and Winnipeg areas. As part of their cleaning services, the company will remove dirt, debris, and grime, and remove any water left from the cleaning process with the appropriate squeegee for a streak free service.

What makes Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg stand out from the competition are their staff’s work ethic, keen eye for detail, technical ability, precision, and their desire to see clients happy. In addition, the company’s team of cleaners use quality equipment and constantly learn and sharpen their skills so as to increase their efficiency. When cleaning the exterior of windows, the cleaners use all the means necessary to remove all the surface dirt including the use of very fine steel wool and a specially crafted razor for window cleaning. For interior cleaning, Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg’s staff wear booties and place towels so floors are kept clean and dry.

Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg offers a variety of packages. The cheapest window clean quote includes quality and thorough exterior cleaning of windows and frames, which enhance the appearance of clients’ homes. The company’s more comprehensive packages include interior window cleaning and screen cleaning, which involves removing and thorough cleaning screens from the dust and dirt before being reattached to the newly cleaned windows. Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg also provides tract cleaning services where interior window tracts are vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned in addition to the standard wiping.

For residential clients, the company thoroughly cleans the interior and exterior windows to improve the appearance of their properties. Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg provides services for a wide range of properties including houses, apartments, condominiums, residential mom ‘n pop shops, local offices, community centres, and recreation centres.

For commercial clients, Window Cleaning Service Winnipeg helps clients’ businesses convey a professional image to their clients. The company offers window cleaning for a wide range of commercial properties including strip malls, small offices, restaurants, bars, pubs, banks, cafes, and store fronts.

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