BCI Launches New Build A Shed Website

Midland, Texas – As any homeowner knows, one of the biggest and most constant pressures of any living space is storage. Finding storage for a myriad of tools, holiday decorations, and knick knacks can be incredibly stressful and cause clutter throughout a home. Each and every random cabinet, drawer, and corner becomes filled with mementos too precious to throw away but not quite precious enough to display. One of the greatest storage hacks for homeowners in the Midland area is to build a simple backyard shed. With the revolutionary new website from BCI, a backyard shed can become an easy storage solution.

Shed plans from BCI make building a shed quick and affordable. While having a backyard shed might be a bit of an obvious step, many homeowners are afraid of figuring out how to build a shed or think that they can’t afford one. With BCI’s new website BuildAShedToday.com, the process of shed building becomes simple and clear. This interactive and easy to navigate new website can reassure even the most skeptical homeowner that building a shed is a breeze.  BuildAShedToday.com offers instant access to over 12,000 shed plans with a clear explanation of the steps and materials required. The website also features a fun blog that goes over some tips and tricks for shed building, product reviews, and building material guides and suggestions.

With so many shed designs available from BuildAShedToday.com, homeowners can take their time picking a plan that is perfect for their needs. Different plans offer different appeals. Some of their plans are featured for their ability to easily fit a riding lawnmower and large power tools; other sheds are designed to maximize storage without taking up too much backyard space. With other 12,000 plans to review, homeowners can all but customize their shed to their exact specifications and desires.

A shed build from plans on BuildAShedToday.com can revamp the whole idea of storage. With bulky or hidden items stored in the backyard, a home can become airy, spacious, and clean once again, reducing stress and allowing a family more time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Explore BuildAShedToday.com today to see how affordable, quick, and easy it is to build a shed with their straightforward shed plans.

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