Local artist and designer offers her expertise with art consulting services

Raleigh, NC – When decorating a home, it can get tiring and frustrating finding the right pieces that fit the aesthetic envisioned. In some cases, people know they just don’t have the right taste to choose the art they feel would fit. For those needing help selecting art pieces that fit with their home, art consultants can assist in picking out the perfect works of art. Michelle Wooley Sauter combines her interior design and artistic experience to help homeowners find the perfect art for their home.

One Coast Design is a company that offers interior design services and art consulting to their clients. The company is run by Michelle Wooley Sauter, who has been a professional artist for than 20 years. She started from humble beginnings, selling her art around South Florida and slowly built up to making art and interior designing for yachts to starting her own business. Her services in art consulting include but are not limited to custom commissions, art placement, interior design consulting, and art acquisition. She believes the art selection and art placement should never be an afterthought for her clients. She gives her clients advice on what kind of art will fit the room, where to look for the art, and where to place the piece.

Those looking for an art consultant should research what comes with hiring an art consultant. While they help with choosing a piece and art placement, there is much more to consider when looking for art consulting services. The very first thing people need to consider when deciding on hiring an art consultant is the terms of the agreement. Before hiring, make sure there are inquiries into how much payment will be and lay down what services are expected. Those interested in hiring an art consultant need to understand the value that an art consultant brings. They can help protect a piece of art or art collection by helping secure proper insurance, helping provide information on the conservation of the piece, and helping with shipping and shipping insurance.

For those looking for art consulting services in North Carolina, One Coast Design could be the solution. Michelle’s expertise as an interior designer plus her experience as an artist ensures that she’ll be able to help find the perfect piece of art for any home.

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