Why Penetration Testing is Essential for Businesses

Cyber security is frequently in the news. With large organisations being breached, typically exposing sensitive and personal user information and damaging brand reputation. So, what can be done to help prevent cyber-attacks?

Penetration testing, “A method for gaining assurance in the security of an IT system by attempting to breach some or all of that system’s security, using the same tools and techniques as an adversary might.” National Cyber Security Centre (2017)

Aptive are a UK-based penetration testing company that provide organisations with IT security assessment services. Their team of certified penetration testers play the role of cyber attackers, simulating an attack against a company’s network and applications. By playing the role of an attacker, they help pin point and identify security issues and vulnerabilities ahead of time before an attacker can exploit them. After issues are identified, vulnerabilities are documented in an easy to understand severity ordered report with instructions on how to fix or mitigate the security issue(s).

Many businesses believe their networks and web applications are safe due to firewalls and other protective controls. However, very few businesses have actually tested these defenses against attack. Penetration testing can help assess existing controls are configured correctly and are functioning as expected.

Businesses often fail to realise thatmost cyber-attacks are not performed manually by hackers and arein fact automated. Attackers use programs called bots to automate the attack process and attempt to break into as many machines as possible.Unfortunately, this makes smaller businesses easier targets for cyber attackers as they typically do not have theprotective measures in placeto help prevent such attacks.

Performing a penetration test will help your business identify and quantify security issues and provide technical advice on how to addressany identified vulnerabilities.

Aptive work with businesses throughout the UK and around the world to help identify and address security issues through the use of penetration testing. For a free quotation or more information please visit Aptive’s website.

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