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Telecom News and How To Article Information Now Available on Google App

TechySoup has announced their popular blog start-up is now available on Google Apps.  The website boasts a number of categories like Telecom, Mobiles, Health, Money, Science and Technology, Laptops, Home Electronics and Deals.  TechySoup features telecom news, How To Article information and more.

“Our technology blog start-up is a combination of efforts of enthusiastic friends and professionals that have teamed together to bring technology news and How To Articles to our readers,” stated a TechySoup representative.  “We offer a number of services such as information about tablets and laptops, automobiles, mobiles, money, home electronic and gadgets.  Our app is now available on Google Play.”

TechySoup provides readers with unique information that is not readily available elsewhere.  Their team of experts and enthusiasts combine their efforts to inform through technology blogs regarding technology news and various other methods like How To Articles.  The site is gaining in popularity and can now be assessed with an app.

One recent article featured a story in the money section that informed readers how to get paid by simply agreeing to read one article per day.  Information on an Amazon Prime offer was given in a technology news article telling how to get a double Dahamka deal.  A How To Article on the site gave the steps needed in order to find out if a PAN card was active on non-active after the Indian government initiated a tax related crackdown.  Yet another piece on TechySoup reviewed a cost efficient laptop.

The TechySoup website was already in existence but the availability of the app version is being well received by many.  Constant updates are being performed in order to provide the most excellent service and to make sure quality assurance is met on every level.

TechySoup is listed as one of the top twenty Indian tech bloggers to follow.  The fact that it offers a fresh approach to topics of interest is a huge attraction.  The melting pot of technical news and product information is heralded for being one-of-a-kind.

“The site is a encyclopedia for tech geeks all around the globe,” commented a company representative of TechySoup.  “We can’t get enough of it and the fact of the matter is that you can’t just surf the web and find the information that is on this site. It is brought to our users through those who are knowledgeable in very niche areas that aren’t popular subjects for the more generic sites.”

To find out more about the technology blog, visit the TechySoup website.  The app is available for download from on Google Play.

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