Zhongshan T-day Lighting Co.,Ltd Involves In Designing, Manufacturing Modern Lighting Fixtures And Fancy Fittings From 2006

Zhongshan T-day Lighting Co.,Ltd is a company based in China, in the country’s lighting capital Zhongshan City. They are involved in the manufacturing, designing and supplying of modern lighting fixtures and fancy fittings.

When it is that time of the year, when the house needs some renovation and certain change in the overall ambience, the aspects that grabs most of the attention is the style of furniture, the arrangement of the same, color schemes for the walls, the rugs, window pane styles etc. the most overlooked among the lot is the lighting fixture.

That should not be the case. Lighting scheme, theme and style of any particular establishment creates the overall appeal for the same and also plays a vital role in the creation of an energetic ambience.

Similar to that of windows during the day, the lighting scheme of a particular establishment plays a crucial role that ultimately dictates the overall mood and brightness of the room.

Making decisions and finalizing the same on lighting fixtures, designs and schemes should be based upon some key factors like the color of the walls, availability of natural light, functions of each lighting fixture and the overall size of the room. Each of these factors plays a vital role in the final decision for the lighting fixture such as glass pendant light.

Zhongshan T-day Lighting Co.,Ltd is a company based in China that is headquartered in the lighting capital of China, Zhongshan City. This is a professional company that is renowned in the world for their otherworldly beautiful range of crystal chandeliers.

glass pendant light

The company was founded in the year 2006 and quickly became a popular name as a lighting manufacturing and supply base operating out of China. the company is a veteran in terms of overall application of technology, design and competitive pricing in the field of domestic lighting and table lamp solutions.

The company quickly rose to the pinnacle of success by establishing strong business relationships and building rapport with both national and international clients. they have built business channels in the countries like America, Russia, The Middle East, Poland, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea etc.

Their global presence is simply due to the fact that they maintain strict quality control over their manufacturing unit. They have a dedicated team of professionals that keeps a weather eye for manufacturing faults and defects in the finished goods coming out of the production line.

Elegant and stylish designs, innovative technology and implementation of strict quality control enabled them to win the hearts and compliments of the clients in a short period of time.

All of the products manufactured under the company name comply with the international quality standards like CE, UL, CB etc. They implement the latest in technology and state of the art machinery in their manufacturing unit that allows them to stay ahead of the competitors. 

About Zhongshan T-day Lighting Co.,Ltd

Zhongshan T-day Lighting Co.,Ltd abide by their principle that prioritizes quality, customer service and satisfaction. For further details feel free to contact the company via their official website mentioned below.

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Company Name: Zhongshan T-day Lighting Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Ms Cao(Vivien)
Email: info@t-daylighting.com
Phone: +86-013928160617
City: Zhongshan City
State: Guangdong Province
Country: China
Website: http://www.t-daylighting.com