BundleBee Baby Introduces Unique Baby Swaddle

New Organic Swaddle Wrap Baby Blanket Creating Buzz

BundleBee Baby has announced their organic baby swaddle is now available.  The organic baby swaddle offers an innovative solution to restless babies and sleep deprived mothers.  The baby product is quickly becoming a hot new “must have” for new mothers.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new organic baby swaddle,” stated a BundleBee Baby company representative.  “Unlike other swaddles which restrict the natural movements of the baby in their early stages of life, the BundleBee baby wrap, allows for some wiggle room while still keeping the baby nicely snuggled in a soft comforter-like cocoon. The baby blanket is now available and is already becoming very popular”, the representative said.

Recent research suggests that during the first six months of a baby’s life, the mother (or caretaker) will only average on to three hours of uninterrupted sleep.  That is concerning because lack of sleep leaves one susceptible to illness, disease, depression and irritability.  Furthermore, being tired and sleepy interferes with bonding with the baby. This baby blanket is helping babies sleep which in turn helps mothers get some much-needed sleep as well.

The swaddle blanket has many features such as the removable cushion made out of coconut fibers that protects baby’s fragile neck and spine. The back support is especially useful when younger siblings or the visiting family and friends want to hold the new baby. Another great feature of this swaddle wrap is that it is adjustable using the Velcro which allows to tighten or loosen the wrap depending on baby’s size. As the baby grows, the swaddle grows with the baby.

BundleBee baby wrap is made with top quality materials. 100% cotton fabric is soft and delicate for baby’s skin. The blanket is filled with feather light, hypoallergenic polyester filling which is great for all seasons and keeps babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter and reduces sweating and overheating.

The new baby blanket was designed to make those first days and months of live with a new baby at home easier. The baby swaddle is easy to care for; it is machine washable and holds up well in a dryer.

To find out more or to purchase a baby blanket swaddle blanket, visit the BundleBee Baby website.  It is available on the BundleBee Baby Amazon site as well.

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