New children’s book that will take little ones on a fun tongue twister adventure!

The latest children’s book on Amazon “Tootie and the Roller Coaster” by Leslie H. Grant is full of excitement and a twist of tongue twisters! Strap yourself in for a roller coasting, tongue twisting learning adventure for little ones.

Columbia, MD – August 14, 2017 – Good news for parents looking for a fun learning read for their younger children.  Latest children’s book “Tootie and the Roller Coaster” by Leslie H. Grant is all set to sweep children to a cool tongue twister adventure. Written by a doting mom, the book is designed to enhance the vocabulary of children while they engage themselves into the delight of myriad exciting tongue twisters.

The book was released on Amazon, July 17, 2017 in paperback format. Though it is geared for all children, it’s main target niche are kids between 4-8 years.

Tootie and the Roller Coaster is the story of 3 doggie siblings and their exciting tongue twister journey. The eldest of them is Tootie, the big sister, who loves to read and sing in the mirror. The middle one is tongue-twister hero Hawkster who is an amazing fast talker. Hawkster also styles a cool Mohawk haircut! The youngest is super-smart Fluffs who can count up to 100 and can even say all the alphabets.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my first book ‘Tootie and the Roller Coaster’. The book is inspired by our family’s everlasting love for tongue twisters. I am sure children readers will have fun expressing themselves through tongue twister word play as my children have had through the years. I have included many tongue twisters that will acquaint children with new words”, stated the author while announcing the release of her book.

Speaking further on the book, Leslie mentioned of their annual family trips to Martha’s Vineyard. It used to be a long journey and the kids easily got bored during the travel. Thus, the doting mom tried a lot of games to keep her little ones engaged of which the tongue twisters were their top favorite.

“I found that the twisters are not only super fun to say but it also helped my little ones to learn new words on the way. Such a realization inspired me to come up with my own book of tongue twisters. I have always loved to write and I simply adore dogs- the two major catalysts behind my book and my cute characters.”

The main plot of the story revolves around a tongue twister contest at the local entertainment park (Rainbow Park). Tootie is very fond of creating new tongue twisters and decides to take part in the contest. The twister contest is scheduled to take place on the roller coaster ride and according to the rules, the winner would be rewarded with an adorable stuffed animal. With the help from her brothers, Tootie comes with an incredible tongue twister. But things seemed to be more challenging than she had expected them to be. The moment she sits on the ride, she spots her super smart class mate Buzz Barker on the same roller coaster. Buzz has also entered the contest and Tootie knows she has tough competition ahead. 

Will Tootie’s twister win the contest? 

“Grab a copy and find out”, Leslie smiled. 

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