Grapevine Evaluations provides 360 degree feedback software tool for the work team of businesses

14 Aug, 2017 – Grapevine Evaluations has announced that they now offer 360 degree feedback software solution for the employees of businesses of varied sizes. This latest software tool is a web based solution that is specifically designed for consultants and HR departments for distributing, managing and creating 360 employee evaluations online. To know more information about the 360 degree feedback software tool, just click on the link at

 The 360 degree feedback software tool is an impressive tool for businesses having 5 employees to 5000 employees, as it can handle any kind of situation. This software tool of Grapevine Evaluations can help any business to have an excellent workforce by measuring the performance, enhance the development of employees and promote employee engagement. This top rated 360 degree feedback software can assess and evaluate the employees without any hassles using their software that is cloud based.

This 360 degree feedback software solution offered by Grapevine Evaluations maintains a process where the employees would get feedback in a confidential and anonymous way through their manager or peers in their company. This tool offers a unique opportunity for discovering and identifying the talents of the employees within the company. It also delivers a cost effective approach when compared with other methods like development centers, training, interviews or work shadowing. Even though the set up time and cost might be similar to the rest of the methods, this tool can accommodate any number of people in a workforce as soon as the process is initiated.

This software solution by Grapevine Evaluations can help the company by measuring the work behavior of an employee and the approach followed at work. It can also be used as a tool to measure the specific knowledge or skills and employee has based on their area of work and designation. And, it will never assess the personality traits or style of the employees. It aims at consistent measurement based on competencies and areas of performance related to the company’s business nature to help them achieve their long term goals and objectives.

According to the website of Grapevine Evaluations, their 360 degree feedback software solution can offer the businesses 4 major advantages, such as enhanced planning and proper implementation of opportunities essential for career development. It helps to connect the survey items with the leadership expertise and company values that would aid in reinforcing the culture of a company. It is specifically designed in such a way that it will not damage the trust the employees have upon each other that makes it very effective.

About Grapevine Evaluations

Grapevine Evaluations have developed an effective online software tool known as 360 degree feedback that can perform an evaluation of the employee performance at 360 degrees to assess their performance and review it based on the multi rater employee evaluation software survey system. They also offer customizable evaluation systems to help businesses of all sizes flourish. 

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