Pro Trainer Warwick Bashford Coaches Clients To Their Maximum Potential

Helping clients reach their potential through his Championship Mindset Training technique, Warwick Bashford’s coaching services are serving aces on and off the court.

Coach Warwick Bashford of Championship Mindset ( is dedicated to helping his clients reach their full potential. Bashford started out coaching tennis players before branching out to help a range athletes, non-athletes and organizations excel.

“I work with individuals and organizations seeking to enhance, improve and sustain peak performance through a combination of emotional intelligence and training in critical thinking,” Bashford says.

Working with Bashford, individual clients will develop the ability to: determine their own success factor, learn to lead from where they are, influence others to achieve more, and employ the Championship Mindset formula. Companies, Bashford says, will also learn how to increase sales and market share by creating a culture of success that he calls, “No Excuses – High Performance”.

Having coached many well-known and champion tennis players, Bashford is not shy about his client roster.

“I have advised and counseled elite athletes and coaches including former top ten and Grand Slam tennis champions, Michael Chang, Marcos Baghdatis, Amelie Mauresmo and Sandrine Testud,” Bashford says.

It was his coaching of a young, unknown tennis player, though, that Bashford credits as the spark for creating his Championship Mindset program.

“In 2003, Hannah came to me as an enthusiastic 13-year-old with a dream,” Bashford says. “A dream not to become the best tennis player in the world, but to learn how to hit the ball and play like a professional tennis player.”

Since most of his clients had a desire to reach the uppermost rankings on the court, Bashford’s work with this young protege was different.

“Against all odds and as a surprise to many a critic in the tennis coaching industry, I decided to take on the challenge,” Bashford says. “Over the next three years, Hannah went through many trials and at times, felt like quitting. Hannah not only developed amazing tennis skills, but also went on to play college tennis.”

Working with her, Bashford says, he saw the benefits that his particular coaching skills could produce in those who simply wanted to improve to the best of their abilities. Hannah went on to use the skills she learned on the court with Bashford as the fulcrum for her later success in her chosen career as a doctor.

“This achievement was a light bulb moment for me and thus, the Championship Mindset Training was born,” Bashford says.

Focusing on increasing both emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills, Bashford’s clients learn how to reframe situations for their benefit. Rather than being dragged along by circumstance, they are able to stay engaged and in control of their lives no matter what comes at them.

Bashford says that learning to take control of emotion – including thoughts, feelings, and attitudes – enables his clients to persevere and overcome obstacles, adversity, and high pressure situations. High pressure situations are common in every walk of life, he says, and his training helps his clients maintain their concentration and motivation and achieve consistent results.

“What began as a commitment to helping individuals improve their mental performance in tennis, has grown into transforming the qualities of people’s lives, whether it is world-class athletes, coaches, entertainers, CEOs, businesses, teachers or parents,” Bashford says.

Seeing clients succeed as a result of Championship Mindset Training is one of the greatest rewards of his business, Bashford says.

“You don’t have to be an athlete to be a champion,” Bashford says. “Seeing clients who have never been involved in sports discover that they too, can become champions in any arena of life is the greatest reward.”

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