LUXORR: Is positioning itself to connect the planet at the speed of light,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/474355850/original/LUXORR_LOGO__enhanced.jpg

UAE / Dubai based, multi-national Emirates Group of Companies, a Private Equity / Venture Capital firm has just announced that it has now finalized a year long amalgamation that culminates its merger of 5 global LED lighting technology companies that they have separately operated for the past 15 plus years to create the newly  formed German  Luxorr Technologies®. Luxorr® will be manufacturing and promote its state-of-the-art Visible Light Communication (VLC) or also known commonly as Light Fidelity (Li-Fi)  through the use of its LED lighting technology and next generation research and development solutions.

With the new amalgamation, Luxorr® is home to a stream of over 18,438 employees as part of their global network, spanning over 122 countries creating a new global “Superbrand.  With its expansive network, Luxorr® is looking to provide a ground breaking revolutionary energy saving micro-chipped LED lighting solutions that runs wireless communications traveling at speeds that surpass 220X faster than conventional aging Wi-Fi technology used today to connect to the internet using a photodetector to receive light signals and a signal processing element to convert the data into ‘stream-able’ content to smart devices with the light being on or off. This technology was recently showcased at the 2017 Abu Dhabi International Technology Exhibition as well as at the 2017 ConhIT technology show in Berlin.  With this new technology, Luxorr® plans to introduce their lights that will allow residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting with its next generation VLC/ Li-Fi digital technology to replace the aging radio controlled Wi-Fi around the world.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/474355522/original/luxorr_LIFI_1.png

Luxorr® will play a vital role with a strong emphasis on managing, ecological governance and education concerning green energy and human sustainability solutions through the use of technology – we want to create a more habitable planet,” said Michael Banks, Luxorr’s Chief of Global Marketing & Public Relations,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/474355498/original/LUXORR_INTELLIGENT_CITY_PLATFORM_Illustration_2_1.png

Luxorr® has its immediate sights on an aggressive $500 million USD as part of their Stage 1 & 2 expansion plan to deeply penetrate the US and Canadian marketplace with the investment of a domestic manufacturing facility and mass hiring throughout their locations in North & South America as well as Latin America.  Luxorr® is currently scouting strategic geographic locations to establish their corporate North American headquarters and manufacturing center.

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