Los Angeles, CA – August 15, 2017 – On Monday, the CEO of the well-reputed book writing agency in Los Angeles, announced his plans about getting exactly forty-six books published in the following 23 weeks. The CEO, in a meeting with well-known authors of the world, stated that this step was indeed to get the States to embark on a journey of literary enlightenment – something that was much forgotten after the advent of the latest technological developments. When asked whether this very technological development was not the most important tool helping him develop his agency, Mr. Crashaw remarked that it was indeed but there was a severe need for spiritual revival in the world and quoted a famous Greek playwright, Sophocles, in his statement, saying, ‘What is sought after, is caught; only that which is not caught, escapes.’ His impressive response was met with great enthusiasm while a handful of critics stood strongly opposed. The latter claimed that publishing that many books would only add to the miserable ending supply of paper and that it would be quite a favor on his part to discontinue the business. Mr. Crashaw remained determined and directed his attention to a much larger supportive audience which advocated the whole idea with increased zeal.  

In the hours that followed, J. Crashaw unveiled his idea of welcoming young passionate individuals into his team. The idea, though unfinished, was yet again met with defiance which Mr. Crashaw readily refuted by stating that bringing inexperienced personnel into this meaningful venture was only to contribute to strengthening the weakening reading habits of the generation. He further added that the young individuals recruited were to undergo a training period of eight months which will be fully funded by the organization itself. In the period that will follow the eight months of training, young writers would be inculcated in with a positive attitude towards reading and writing. However, the said individuals were to meet certain requirements before getting recruited, for instance, a ceaseless enthusiasm for literature and writing was a must.

The other board members of the organization updated the conference on the latest projects undertaken by the company. It was discovered that the company was working on different subjects including non-fiction accounts on business, finance, memoirs and technological advancements. Mr. Crashaw remarked that the main objective of the endeavor was not to suppress the effects of technology but primarily to instill in the people a new and profound fondness for words and their power to make a difference.

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Book Writing Inc. is a Book Writing and Editing Agency aimed at literary enthusiasts who seek recognition of their own name in the Literary and Publication Industry. The attempt is entirely infused with the sole objective of spreading literary enlightenment throughout all fifty states of the United States.


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