Venice Gold Debuts with a Premium Self-Tanner made with Natural and Organic Ingredients

Venice Beach, CA – Aug 15, 2017 – Justin Colmer and Derek Soldenski, owners of Venice Gold, announced the launch of their company’s product line featuring its signature Exotic Bronze Premium Self-Tanner. The company is the originator of a unique line of self-tanning products and accessories featuring natural and organic ingredients and a portion of every sale is donated to the American Cancer Society to help fight and prevent skin cancer.

“Our mission at Venice Gold is to provide the best quality self-tanning products and accessories in the world while building an informational community in the form of blogs, articles and more on a regular basis,” said Colmer.

No one should subject themselves to skin damaging UV rays of tanning beds to obtain a sexy golden tan. Our products are a safe alternative to UV rays and we are excited for the world to connect with us. Each Venice Gold product is created for efficacy, safety, and none are ever tested on animals.

The company’s Exotic Bronze Premium Self-Tanner contains no parabens and it’s enriched with anti-aging properties and moisturizers to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s specially created to ensure a natural looking tan with no orange tints or colors. The self-tanner produces a fresh, citrusy scent, unlike the cheap usual tanners that have an unpleasant odor. The product is also ideal for face and body and can be used on all skin tones.

Individuals will notice immediate results after just a couple minutes after application and the tan will continue to darken over the next 24 hours. Simply allow the tan to set for 6-8 hours after proper application while avoiding any contact with water. After 6-8 hours simply rinse with water and pat dry. Tans typically last for 6-10 days and gradually fade naturally. It’s lightweight and streak free, allowing for easy application. The Premium Bronze self-tanner comes complete with a washable, reusable applicator mitt. The products are also sold individually.

The launch of Venice Gold’s online presence at provides individuals around the world with a premiere self-tanning product highlighted by anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients to protect and enrich the skin. With Venice Gold, no one must subject themselves to dangerous UV rays for a sexy golden glow that will be the envy of all.

“As we continue growing, we will be looking at large-scale retail and wholesale opportunities. We are currently researching new products with the intent to release them in the 4th quarter of 2017 and more in 2018,” said Soldenski

About Venice Gold

Venice Gold was co-founded by Justin Colmer and Derek Soldenski with the goal of providing customers with a safe alternative to UV exposure while providing them with a long-lasting tan year-round. The company is an industry leader in premium self-tanning products, allowing anyone to obtain a golden tan without the dangerous side effects and skin damage of indoor UV tanning.

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