A baby, a Photographer, and a Motivational Speaker enter a car (and a plane)

SUMMERSIDE, CA – 15 Aug, 2017 – In 2015, Canadian Motivational Speaker, Corey Poirier, 11 year old Puppy Sprocket ‘the Rocket’, and Photographer Shelley Rogerson, entered a car to embark on a 16 day, 26 State, 5 Province Invisible Impact tour that included adventures like horseback riding in Sedona, Arizona, conquering a fear of heights at the Grand Canyon, attending a Garth Brooks concert in Alabama, visiting the places that inspired Henry David Thoreau’s writing, getting a tattoo at Kat Von D’s famous LA Ink studio and sitting for a break at the edge of Bruce and Brandon Lee’s famous Grave Site in Seattle Washington.

The mission during the tour? To spread the message that smiles are free in popular tourist places, and the message that paying it forward still matters.

What happened was much bigger, notes Motivational Speaker Corey Poirier, “We had shirts and business cards made up, and our core goal was to spread the message of one of my talks that we can all have an invisible impact on others through our smiles, and little efforts to pay things forward. What I didn’t expect was to truly learn, first hand, how big of an impact we can have on others regardless of our background. I watched in amazement as a gentleman drove up to (Jimi) Hendrix’s grave site, got out of his car with rubber gloves on, only to clean the litter around the gravesite and jump back into his car and drive away. I realized quickly that he must do this every day, and Hendrix has been dead for 45 years.”

Poirier continues, “We also had a lady share with us that she has battled Crohn’s disease her entire life, and just last year she lost her husband of 30 years to cancer. She pointed out that despite these challenges, she smiles every day because she feels she only has two choices when she wakes up each day in relation to how to embrace life, and she chooses to leave others with a smile on their faces, through her own spirit.”

during the tour, it wasn’t their goal to have people acknowledge their efforts, and in fact, their goal was to simply spread tiny invisible impacts. They left business cards in random places with the words, ‘Smiles are Free, Pass Them on’, they wore shirts that said the same, and reminded that we can all have invisible impacts. They also handed out bags with toiletries, and money, to people that have fallen on tougher times, and they allowed Sprocket to do what he does best – put smiles on people’s faces from coast to coast.

In late 2017, Poirier, Rogerson and their newborn baby, Sebastian Eric Poirier, intend to do it once again.

This time around, some of the dates are already set and the tour will take them to places throughout North America like Edmonton, Calgary, Boston, Halifax, Moncton, and Anaheim. They also expect prepare new shirts, cards, care packages, and more.

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