EPC of SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:SWHI) Negotiates to Add Broadband Services for its TX Customers 7,692,307.60 Counterparty (XCP) Asset Will Aid!

Norman George, president and CEO of Everybody’s Phone Company (EPC), announced that customers may soon have access to broadband service with the company. EPC is the leading alternative to large phone providers for Texas residents.

“We are in negotiations with a broadband provider to piggy back their services to our existing customer base,” said George. “This is a natural vertical integration of our telecommunications model and we are extremely excited to capture this add-on feature to our model.”

Phones are not a luxury – they’re a necessity – and broadband connectivity levels the playing field for people, enabling them to perform tasks ranging from banking and bill paying to maintaining essential contact with others through social media. The addition of broadband access through Everybody’s Phone Company is just one way that the company is serving its customers.

No credit history, poor credit, bankruptcy, lack of a credit card and even fixed incomes can easily result in a denial of service from phone companies. It’s a situation that places individuals at a distinct disadvantage for employment and a host of other services. EPC provides pre-paid home phone service for those who are tired of their current provider or have been denied.

The company provides monthly pre-pay and Life Line plans to accommodate a variety of needs. There are no credit checks, ID or Social Security questions, and no deposits. Customers receive unlimited calling, 911 emergency access, collect calling, and other services.

Individuals must provide their own phone and six types of plans are available, each with specific features and 600 free long-distance minutes. Additional minutes for long-distance service can be purchased. EPC offers a comprehensive array of add-on services encompassing 3-way calling, call waiting and caller ID.

EPC also offers low-cost Life Line plans. To qualify, customers must receive one of the following:

• Food stamps (SNAP)

• Medicaid

• Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

• Health benefit coverage under the Child Health Plan (CHIP)

• Low-income energy assistance program (LIHEAP)

• Federal public housing assistance

The addition of broadband service for EPC customers is one more way that the company is working to provide individuals with the options and services they want most at an affordable cost. With EPC pre-pay and Life Line plans, problems with other providers no longer matter. Anyone can have the phone service they need and deserve.

About Everybody’s Phone Company

EPC is a new alternative to large telecom providers, offering pre-paid home phone service and Life Line plans. No deposits, credit checks or identification are required to initiate a line of service. Everybody’s Phone Company’s long-term goal is to become a nationally branded provider of pre-paid telephone services to residential and business customers across the United States.

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