WBIM Award: Gather the Best, Explore the Future – The 2017 WBIM International Digitalization Award is going to be officially launched

The first “WBIM International Digitalization Award” (hereinafter referred to as “WBIM Award”), which is jointly organized by Wanda Commercial Properties Co. LTD, the United States Green Building Council and the US-China Energy Cooperation Program, is going to be officially launched in August 2017. Themed on “Light Up the Future from 0 to 1”, the WBIM Award will establish an open, inclusive and equitable international communication platform for the digital technology and its application in the construction industry. It will gather the leading experts and outstanding enterprises all over the world, establish an important annual festival with global influence in the industry.


Wanda’s BIM innovation and revolution: base on China with global vision

In recent years, with the application and high-speed development of BIM technology in China into a golden age, China’s construction industry has also ushered in another major revolution in digital technology. As the industry leader, Wanda has independently developed unique BIM innovation mode, thus brought new breakthroughs for the industry, including the development and the revolutionary practice of “BIM General Contracting Management”.

On the basis of its own technological progress and rapid development, Wanda is going to hold the “WBIM International Digitalization Award”. Base on China with global view, Wanda is committed to exerting its strong resource advantages and unique innovation vision, thus to promote the technological innovation in China and even the world, and push forward the industrial upgrading and transformation.

Gather the best of the industry in the world, create the new platform for win-win cooperation

Since the launch ceremony and the global BIM Summit Forum on August 18 in Beijing, the WBIM International Digitalization Award will last for 9 months. The grand event will enjoy global synchronization and grand celebration. In the first three months after the launch ceremony, i.e. the global works collection period, there will be a series of road shows in succession in several big cities in China and other countries, including BIM summit forums, seminars, salons etc., which are of different themes and forms. The platform will be fully used for a wide range of discussion and brainstorming of the industry hotspots, thus to integrate the industry resources and build a benign ecosystem of BIM. At the same time, it will share Chinese technology and establish the global influence.

It is worth mentioning that the WBIM Award has obtained strong support from Autodesk, Asia-pacific Construction Technology Information Research Institute, China Construction Industry Association, Architecture and Culture Society of China, American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). During the competition, hundreds of Chinese and international well-known institutions and enterprises, together with the intelligent elites of the world, will participate in the WBIM Award and work together to change the future of the construction industry in the world.
In addition, a number of world famous experts, such as the academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the father of the BIM from North America, experts from the European Union BIM Task Group and the industry leaders from the Asia-pacific area, are invited to act as the judges. With their participation, the WBIM Award will definitely attract active participation of the Chinese and overseas enterprises in a wider range and of higher quality, and build up the win-win situation on this platform.

Taking advantage of its unique strength, Wanda establishes this high-end platform of digitalization technology to promote its progress in construction industry. It is also an opportunity to show the world the images of China’s construction enterprises and to compete with global counterparts. We are looking forward to the cooperation between Wanda and the worldwide partners in a hand in hand way on the international platform of WBIM Award, thus to constantly realize the blueprint of industrial innovation and development to be more wonderful, and to open a bright future together! We will witness all of these together.

Compete on one platform with wonderful competition system, demonstrate international competitive power actively
The WBIM Award is to further popularize technology, promote enterprise development, accelerate industry progress, and cultivate BIM talents. It will set up the benchmark, encourage enterprises to innovate so as to strengthen their core competitiveness. Then the BIM technology will be further applied in construction industry, and continuous innovation will provide strong force for industrial changes. Thus, an international technical exchange platform, which is linked by BIM and featured in “openness, inclusiveness, equality and Win-Win”, will be finally established.

In the meantime, the WBIM Award is based on BIM technology, focusing on not only the implementation of digital technology in design and construction but also the research and application in buildings’ whole life cycle, such as the successful experience and deep exploration in construction and operation. At the same time, the WBIM Award will strongly support and encourage the integrated application and innovation of BIM and other new technologies, such as the mobile terminal, GIS technology, smart city, Internet of Things, cloud computing and so on.

Open enrollment will start from August 18, the day of the launch ceremony of the WBIM Award. All entries should be delivered by 15th Nov 2017. All participants, such as companies related to construction industry, college teachers and students, research and consultation institutions and so on, are welcomed to register through the website run by the award committee. (http://www.wbim.net)

The entries collected will include Chinese and international BIM cases and digital innovative technologies in construction industry. Through targeted collection (known good BIM cases and companies) and open collection (to-be-discovered BIM cases), the WBIM Award hopes to attract global elites to compete on this platform, to make great contribution for the future innovation of technology and practice in construction industry.

There are three categories of awards including the WBIM Innovation Award, the WBIM Project Award (including design section and engineering section with commercial and comprehensive subcategories under each) and the WBIM Enterprise Award. Each category will have several places of awards like Excellent Award, Prominent Award, and Outstanding Award. The evaluation criteria of all entries will cover different aspects, for example, the innovative values in BIM field, the depth of BIM application, the logical system of models and the visualization result etc. At the same time, the award committee will release WD index, and publish The WD Index Directory of Recommended Worldwide Excellent BIM Suppliers, according to the competition results.

Taking advantage of its unique strength, Wanda establishes this high-end platform of digitalization technology to promote the progress of construction industry. It is also an opportunity to show the world the images of Chinese enterprises and to compete with global peers together.

On the international platform of the WBIM Award, Wanda, together with Chinese and overseas partners, will turn the blueprint of industrial innovation and development into a more beautiful reality and embrace a brighter future. Let’s witness all these together!

[Partners with us]:

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC): https://www.usgbc.org/
US-China Energy Cooperation Project (ECP): http://www.uschinaecp.org/en/
Autodesk: https://www.autodesk.com/

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