Direct Response Copywriter Jamie Cassata Teaches Companies How to Use Science-Based Copywriting Strategies to Improve Their Results

Jamie Cassata is on a mission to change how the marketing world views direct response copywriting
By Zoey Thompson

Rochester, NY – Published author, copywriter, and marketing enthusiast Jamie Cassata is on a mission. He wants to change how the marketing world views direct response copywriting. Cassata believes that a more scientific approach to copy is needed in order to keep up with modern Internet-savvy users and to optimize sales. Using a data-based scientific approach to direct response copywriting, Cassata has been able to drive Click Through Rates (CTR) of up to 10.45% on Facebook ads shown to cold traffic and 33% landing page conversion rates. These are phenomenal numbers in the digital marketing world where 0.90% CTR and 2.35% landing page conversion rates are considered the norm. The direct response copywriter and Certified Supplement Nutritionist has just written a special report on the subject and would like to share his approach with other writers and company marketing chiefs.

“I have been interested in the sciences for quite some time, which is one reason I became a nutritionist,” says Cassata. “Using an evidence-based approach towards everything I do has enabled my successful campaigns. People don’t typically believe that ‘left-brained’ and ‘right-brained’ thinking mesh well, but  I think they absolutely can. I’ve been able to improve conversion rates for my clients by as much as three-hundred percent, and in the last year alone my copy helped companies bring in close to an estimated seven hundred thousand in revenue.”

Some of the secrets to those results are tucked away in Cassata’s new report, 5 Advanced (and Scientifically Proven) Secrets for Writing Copy That Sells. The once-$17 report he now offers free on his website, along with his free e-newsletter on science-based strategies that improve conversion. The report is not the first work that Cassata has produced on the subjects of copywriting and marketing. The master’s degree holder is also the author of The Copywriting Primer — a complete 101 course on copywriting. He credits his success rates to good mentors and attention to scientific research.

“I am a huge fan of David Hoffeld, the author of ‘The Science of Selling,’” Cassata states. “I use data from him, as well as others, in my materials and presentations. Hoffeld is a pioneer in evidence-based sales processes. He sifted through thousands of studies about influence to come up with methods scientifically verified to work. As Hoffeld has said, there are ‘measurable and predictable principles that direct human behavior.’ In copywriting, we have the opportunity to tap into those principles a whole lot more.”

This is exactly what Cassata has been doing for his clients, enabling achievements such as Zammo Digital Marketing’s 77 conversions in three weeks for a highly specialized product and Workily’s 85% reduction in costs per lead. Cassata has been combining his expertise in analysis and marketing strategy with creative direct response copy to drive tangible results for his clients. In fact, his writing skills led legendary copywriter Bob Bly to hire him for his content writing. Bly has called him “a standout writer.”

As far as his future, Cassata hopes to merge his two passions, writing and nutrition. The copywriter is a firm believer in nutritional supplements and their efficacy. He would like to use his voice to bring more awareness to how nutrition and nutritional supplements can improve and enhance human health.

His new report is free and available through the website.

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