Poetess Delivers Creative Words on GOD LOVES & Me

Poems that define life, faith, and everything in between

Inspired by the likes of Shakespeare and Dr. Maya Angelou, EmpressRachyMc is fueled with the passion to express her ideas into poetic forms that ignite her artistry and self-worth. What started as a habit of posting poems and receiving good reviews on Allpoetry.com, the largest poetry community, has leaned her toward turning her composition into a published booklet. And this booklet finds its life in 2016 with its cutest front cover and meaningful thoughts. 

EmpressRachyMc releases, God Loves & Me, that digs into the state of mind: passions, realness, infatuations, the fantasies, newness, bitterness, confusions, disappointments, and getting stronger and being able and more capable after surviving it all. She puts all these feelings as a universal theme that allows each reader to relate to her points of view. Whether you’re into poems or not, the chosen words represent what everybody goes through at some point in their journey. 

Each poem carves her personal encounters about living, learning, surviving, and standing victorious with faith in the end. While EmpressRachyMc admits her vulnerabilities and tone of emotional stages in her work, it’s undeniable that she states the core of her life—that is being a survivor. 

Be like the fresh air that filters smoke, or the reason the rain rinses away the snow. Be the message in a bottle bobbing and bouncing for shore; If life frightens like thunder, be mightier than the roar. EmpressRachyMc earns positive feedbacks from her fellow poets and her sincerity in pouring her lines has been her unique poetic trademark. With God, she learns the value of loving one’s self. Chants the universe in my honor: Youre chosen; blessed beyond measure. The light to be is part of you; Divines the spirit bursting through, Like moonlight upon a river. 

She says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This 57-page-booklet is a living proof that God uses our gifts to share His message and inspire others to live life with a creative and useful purpose. 


God Loves & Me Available on Amazon Barnes and Noble, Xlibris Publishing and other resellers Twitter: empressrachymc

About the Author

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, she immigrated to the United States of America in Jamaica, New York. She has been writing since her teens. She studied literature in high school while attending Convent of Mercy Academy and in college at Queens College, CUNY. 

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