China Plastic Mold Manufacturer Announces Quality & Economical Manufacturing Solution for Global Clients

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd offers precision molding services for industrial clients, engaged in manufacturing a wide variety of plastic mold and molded products.

For a number of clients across the world, Inno Molding Co.,Ltd claims to offer one-stop manufacturing solution that is low cost and promotes improved product quality. The company offers precise mold making services for clients engaged in different industries. At the same time, they promote OEM mold making that allows industries to manufacture products with their exact specifications.

The plastic mold manufacturer carries out the plastic part analysis based on the DFM principles to help improve the manufacturability. According to the spokesperson of the company, they suggest clients to add fillets, drafts and amend the wall thickness, which can prevent the shrinkage, injection mark and other common defects. Moreover, they also conduct the moldflow analysis when the mold design is complete. This helps in assessing the engineering faults and minimizes the potential manufacturing risks. The spokesperson reveals that with their testing an analysis, they reduce the shrinkage and deformation risks of the 90% of the plastic molds they supply.

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The company is a custom injection mold manufacturer in China with 30 sets of injection molding machines in their facility. They can supply injection molding parts in the range of 0.5gram to 5kg load, and work with a variety of plastic materials, including PC, PP, PE, TPU, TPE, TPR, and also silicone. The spokesperson maintains that they can also handle other materials on the request of the clients. Moreover, the company has a team of QC inspectors to evaluate the mold quality on the basis of dimensional measurement and assembly testing.

The spokesperson states that their plastic mold factory has the complete range of machinery, including linear cutting machines, CNC machines, EDM machines, injection machines, material baking machines, product assembly line, mold tooling design equipment and so on. With the help of these advanced machines, the company produces automotive molds, plastic injection parts, plastic auto parts, plastic laptop parts, complex plastic molds, plastic parts for electronics, printer parts and a host of other molds. One can learn more about the range of plastic molds the company produces by visiting the website

About Inno Molding Co.,Ltd

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is an innovative and economical plastic mold manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, specializing in plastic injection mold making, injection molding, and full products contract manufacturing services. They have a professional mould factory, certificated with the ISO 9001 quality system, and which covers about a 3,500 square meters of mold tooling shop. The company has a team of highly skilled mold toolmakers, designers, QC, and project managers. They supply molds that are in accordance with DME, HASCO, HEB, STRACK, and OPITZ standards.

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