EverStone Interlock – Providing the Best Interlocking Patio Services in Ottawa

Ottawa, ON Interlocking patios are known to last for years. Roads built by Romans thousands of years ago are still intact, even with the prominence of modern streets. At present, interlocking patios give a premium feel to home and business establishments. EverStone Interlock, a locally-based interlock company, offers its services in the west-end area of Ottawa.

“We believe that walkways and driveways give first impressions to every home. Taking this into consideration, EverStone Interlock puts great time and detail into designing these areas to create a lasting image to your neighbors. We design and build full interlock driveways as well as its extensions,” said Jon Shaw, the company spokesperson. EverStone Interlock prides itself with having the best interlock patio service in Stittsville, Kanata, and Barrhaven region. They earned this reputation after 20 years of providing quality output to their clients. The company can create various pavers, from simple to complex designs, depending on the client’s preference.

The company boasts professional installers that are skilled in making patio design into reality. Their craftsmanship assures the client that they will have the most eye-catching interlocks outdoors. They believe that an excavation depth of 10-12 inches is necessary to make a project durable and sustainable. No adhesive or binding agent is used to keep the pavers together except for their paving technique. When installed properly, the pavers bind themselves allowing them to become a single unit. These can be an alternative for concrete in creating driveways and outdoor roads. The company does not take shortcuts with their work, since major shortcomings will undermine their 20 years’ worth of quality work.

Interested clients may also send a request for quotation by filling out the online forms on their website. EverStone Interlock understands the importance of having durable interlocks that last for years. Defective bricks can be easily extracted then replaced and patios require little to no maintenance to remain in top condition. Having interlocking bricks is also cost effective for homeowners, granted that these consume less construction materials and time. Beyond EverStone Interlock’s expertise in creating patios, they are also reputable for outstanding customer services. Their employees are also trained to treat the clients with utmost respect and professionalism.

Customers may view EverStone Interlock’s sample works and more information for their services by visiting https://everstoneinterlock.com/. Their office is located at 250 Richardson Avenue – Ottawa, ON. They can be reached through the telephone at (613) 854-9871 or via email at jon@everstoneinterlock.com.

Media Contact
Company Name: EverStone Interlock
Contact Person: Jon Shaw
Email: jon@everstoneinterlock.com
Phone: (613) 854-9871
Address:250 Richardson Avenue
City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Website: everstoneinterlock.com/