Vision Trading Network, LLC, a company that provides comprehensive and valuable forex education and training to individuals around the world, announced they have released an exciting new software that will benefit traders, both new and old, called the Traffic Decoder 2.0 software.


Developed specifically to help traders predict which way the market will go before it actually moves, the Traffic Decoder 2.0 is an order flow indicator with a unique edge.

“This new software is packed with a completely original formula for contract accumulation,” said Nehemiah Douglass, Founder and Owner of Vision Trading Network, LLC. “Essentially, this software breaks open market candles and displays buying and selling pressure in real-time. It’s invaluable insight that both new and old traders are going to love.”

Douglass stated that the software will have huge impacts for how traders see the market as a whole. At this time, the software can deliver trade signals as high as 75% with an average monthly net gain of 400% with proper money management.


Douglass created the software from his own frustration with forex and lacking understanding when and why the market would move. The frustration led to him blowing countless accounts, and put him in a bad place moving forward.

“I felt I was always behind the trend,” said Douglass. “I would enter a buy or sell position and get caught in for days, or even weeks, of drawdown. After some considerable research on my end, I discovered that everything I once knew about forex trading was a lie. I found that the market has a larger, more complex psychology to it and understanding this could give any trader an edge. I finally came across order flow trading, and from that, the Traffic Decoder 2.0 software was born.”

By using the software, traders can understand major banks and institutions’ volume, read the market pattern they use and trade within their movement. Traders who combine the software with trading analysis can have additional confirmation on all of their trades. The Traffic Decoder can even be used for quick scalping or long-term swing trades; building accounts much faster by understanding the buying and selling pressure of nearly any time frame.

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