Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investment Expert Is Welcoming New Partners For His Global Network

Global View Estates Is Buying Properties For Great Value With Quick Cash & Effective Strategies

New York City, NY, USA – Aug 15, 2017 – Global View Estates (GVE) has announced that it is offering a wide range of research and investment services in the American Real Estate Industry. Founded by Adam Dudley who is an inspiring Serial Entrepreneur from Charlottesville Virginia, the company is a responsible research and investment platform that literally doubles the value of a property within no time. In addition, Adam has also announced that the company is welcoming new business partnerships and opportunities while also offering career opportunities.

“We simply invest in real estate properties for capital gain and after buying a property, we remodel and renovate it before selling it on higher profits,” said Adam Dudley, the Founder of GVE while talking about the company. “We work with homeowners, particularly the frustrated ones that need to sell fast because in today’s market, it is nearly impossible to sell quickly.” he added. Also known as ‘Hank’, the 26 year old Serial Entrepreneur is an inspirationally accomplished businessman who started his business when he was only 19 and has accomplished more than 500 associates as well as 5 major projects in such a short time.

The aim of Adam and his real estate investment company is to perform responsible and authentic investments based on its effective market research. Moreover, the company focuses on the acquisition, renovation, and re-sale of all kinds of properties, particularly the residential ones. The ambidextrous Adam has created a great network of investors and rehabbers nationwide who are ready to buy any property with an irrefutable cash offer. These investments are made regardless of the state the properties are in and they can even be damaged or flawed with issues ranging from financial to personal issues or even bankruptcy or a bad neighborhood.

With his life that has inspired and moved many, Adam was raised without a father and went through several ups and downs in his professional and personal journey. He was stabbed when he was 14 with a knife that missed his heart by mere inches, yet continued to hustle. From odd jobs throughout his teenage to a tragic event of losing the love of his life in a car accident, Adam also went through the pain of losing his little nephew at the hands of Leukemia. However, all these heart shattering events couldn’t break his spirit and passion that made him a true inspiration for the people of all age groups.

The story of Adam’s rise has inspired several aspiring entrepreneurs and especially those who feel like quitting each day due to certain events or pressure. Moreover, Adam has assembled a dedicated team of skilled professionals from around the world with his brand being actively established in USA, China, Hong Kong and UK. Another amazing fact about him is that he is a keen investor and a gifted financial trader who regularly participates in Forex and Stock market with his investments

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