3N Veneers Invading the Dubai Dental Market

Established in 2012 in the London – UK, 3N Veneers has taken the world of aesthetic dentistry by storm as they have been manufacturing their products with the most biocompatible materials, and they gained a lot of popularity for having their handmade veneers professionally designed and painted by their international dental technicians.

Located in the heart of Dubai, and for the first time in the Arab world, 3N Veneers invaded the dental market by producing the latest generation of the minimal-prep veneers that is commonly known as the “Hollywood Smile”, however this time it’s done in the least invasive way in which no drilling, no pain, and no anesthesia is required, and can be completely done in just 2 visits within 1 week only.

The high demand of the 3N Veneers in the Middle East triggered the visit of Mr. James Andrickot the General Manager of 3N Veneers to the UAE for the opening of their first branch in the region, in which he announced that “3N Veneers” are very happy with the success achieved by their latest product of veneers that is composed of D-silicate and is currently listed as the world’s thinnest and most aesthetic veneers due to their high transparency and low thickness of 0.2-0.4mm, yet characterized by an unexpected strength of 456-650Mpa.

Having more than 10,000 cases fixed so far in Dubai, Mr. Andrickot stated that they will be expanding in the GCC area within 2018, all the way to the Middle East and North Africa by 2020. He also added that 3N Veneers won’t be limited to the production of veneers only, as they will soon be launching their new “3N Zirconia” line, which will include highly aesthetic natural-looking zirconia crowns, having an outstanding strength and a new composition which will increase the level of it’s biocompatibility with the soft tissue like it has never been with any other type of crowns before.

For more information: http://www.3nveneers.com

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