Stone’s Goods Selling New Scratchable World Travel Map

Have Outlines of the United States and Canada Plus Every National Flag

Toronto – August 15, 2017 – Regular travellers all around the United States or Canada or other parts of the world can have fun marking off the many places they have traveled to with the new Stone’s Goods Deluxe Scratchable World Travel Map. This is a distinctive map that lets people show others where they have traveled in the past.

It has a detailed look that shows off all the countries of the world. The United States and Canada particularly have a series of outlines so people can mark details on the specific states or provinces that they have visited those countries in the past. The scratchable travel map is designed to be a good gift that offers an appealing look that lets anyone show off where one has been all around the entire world.

The bottom part of the map also has a series of markers that will reveal individual country flags after each one is scratched off. This adds a more distinguished look to the map and especially adds a nice detailed look all the way through.

This product makes for a great gift for any world traveller. It is great to display on one’s wall and has a dynamic look that anyone who enjoys traveling could benefit from having. It could even inspire some people to look into other places that they could travel out to if desired.

This product is available for sale through Amazon. It can be sold through the Amazon Prime system for two-day shipping. This free shipping offer is especially great when aiming to get something soon for a friend.

The gift even comes with its own added scratching device. This small material makes it easy for people to scratch off space while showing off how one enjoys while traveling.

This scratch map is certainly an appealing gift that will be worth sending to anyone who loves travelling. Stone’s Goods is hoping to make this a distinctive and appealing option for anyone to have when getting different types of goods for certain uses.


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