New Book Provides Blueprint for Reactivation and Achievement of Dormant Dreams

Individuals who have lost the zeal to pursue their dreams now have a blueprint for success with the launch of the new book, Healing Inside of Me: The Courage to Win Again.

NEW YORK, NY – August 16, 2017 – Written by Titus S. McMillan, Healing Inside of Me: The Courage to Win Again, is a powerful resource that is designed to reignite the passion within individuals who have given up on their dreams. The author offers encouragement, insight and steps towards dreaming again. Readers are challenged toachieve successby pursing their dreamswith relentless drive. The booked is backed by practical principles that empower readers tomove from the losing corner to the winners’ circle.

Like so many individuals, Titus fully understands the depths of pain and the frustration associated with failing to achieve his dreams. In his book, he shares how he came from a world of dysfunction and was considered the ‘Black Sheep’ of the family. Dropping out of high school seemed to cement everyone’s expectation for him, but he rose from the ashes to earn several advanced degrees.  He now has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Counselling Psychology and Early Childhood Development, a PhD in Philosophy, and a PhD in Christian Clinical Counselling.  He is a Therapist, Artist, Motivational Speaker, Transformational Leader and Restoration Coach who offers faith-based therapy to individuals, married couples, groups and schools.

Healing Inside of Me is McMillan’s Debut book,however, the depth and clarity of the resource gives no indication to his experience. Commenting on the motivation to write the book, he explained,“My life story is one of grace, perseverance and resilience. I was born into a dysfunctional environment that bred failure, but it did not mean I was purposed to fail. On the contrary, I was born to win. God suffered with me as I got through, without making the mistake of marking me as through. My life story did not end with my past; however, it was the starting point for my future success. I wanted to use my experience to teachothers how to tap into their personal gifts and talents to fulfil their dreams and win in every area of their life.”

O. Bernard Smalls, Th.Bof Atlanta New Thought, has unreservedly endorsed the book. He writes: “Dreams don’t work unless you do and if the elevator to success is broken, you will have to take the stairs. Reading this book carefully will fill you with the courage to live your dreams.”

Healing Inside of Me: The Courage to Win Again is a resource that will not only inspire readers, but challenge them to revisit the dreams that are dormant inside them and take the necessary steps to reactivate and accomplish them. The book is available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.

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