Sydney Leading Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Jason Maani Introduces a New Scar-Free Bariatric Procedure

Dr. Jason Maani, Sydney based leading bariatric surgeon with years of experience offers a new type of scar-free bariatric procedure that can help people manage their weight. The procedure is safe and has proven to be effective.

Over 63% of Australian adults are overweight or outright obese. As it’s such a prevalent health problem, it’s not surprising that Dr. Jason Maani, a leading bariatric surgeon in Sydney, has an influx of patients. Almost 25,000 bariatric surgeries are performed in Australia every year, and Dr. Maani works in the St. George Private Hospital, which has the highest number of these procedures. As an expert in the field, Dr. Maani strives to offer his patients most the efficient ways to manage their weight. His new procedure is scar-free, reversible, and generally much safer.

Sydney Leading Bariatric Surgeon on Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

DR JASON MAANIAccording to Dr. Jason Maani, their new procedure, called endoscopic sleeve Gastroplasty, is a highly effective and safe procedure. The main advantage of this surgery is that it’s minimally invasive.

As any ‘intrusion’ into the body is risky and sure to have some negative consequences, minimalizing the damage is essential. This new treatment allows to not only reduce the harm to the patient. It’s reversible, so patients will be able to ‘undo’ the procedure should they ever need this.

Dr. Maani highlights that endoscopic sleeve Gastroplasty doesn’t have such a vast scientific proof base as regular sleeve. However, it has shown great results in limited patient studies and is currently gaining more support across the medical community.

How Relevant Is Bariatric Surgery in Sydney

Obesity is now an officially acknowledged disease. A variety of medical organizations advocate lifestyle changes that will help people lose and manage their weight.

Bariatric surgery is currently considered to be the most effective treatment for obesity by numerous health professionals. It’s especially promoted among people, whose extra weight either is caused or has caused them to develop other dangerous health conditions.

On his website,, Dr. Maani offers a more detailed explanation of the services he provides to help people solve the problem of excess weight. It’s important to note that in some situations, this treatment must go alongside professional treatment of the patient’s other conditions. This may require the patient to postpone the surgery as some medications and bariatric procedures are not recommended.

When performed by a qualified professional, bariatric surgeries can produce astounding results with people losing up to 45% of their total weight. Of course, treatment like that must be complemented by a well-balanced diet and exercise program. Patients also must understand that the results will take some time to show up and will vary from person to person.

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