RICHMOND, CANADA – 16 Aug, 2017 – Today, Vie Belles, a team of entrepreneurs, chefs, and designers who like great food and great products, launched an Indiegogo Campaign for their everyday cutting board and high-quality chef knives, meticulously crafted for anyone from a culinary professional to a beginner at-home cook.

Their featured knife, the Vie Belles Luxury 8” Pro Chef’s Knife, is handcrafted from one solid piece of Cocobolo wood, which is derived from Central America. This wood is incredibly durable and stands up well to repeated handling and exposure to water. With a handle that includes a finger guard made of grooved brass bolster and pure black Micarta with a mosaic pin, the Luxury Pro Chef’s Knife will take on any task and provides a natural hold for those who are left or right handed. The sharp blade is made from VG-10 steel core, Damascus clad, 67 layers folded of SUS 430 Japan stainless steel; full tang with a razor-sharp 15° blade angle each side, 61-62 Rockwell Hardness. Each Luxury Pro Knife takes over 100 hours to create.

The second knife in the collection is the Pro 8” Chef’s Knife, which has a double beveled olive wood handle complimented by a mosaic pin, and take over 50 hours to create. The blade is made of pure VG-10 steel core, Damascus clad and has 67 layers folded of SUS 430 Japan stain steel, full tang with a razor-sharp 15° blade angle on each side, and 61-62 Rockwell hardness for a durable edge. The mirror polished patterns in the blade are contrasted with the blasted Damascus patterns. This beautiful combination of whole hammered and layered pattern will catch the eye of every chef as they cook.  

The third knife in the collection is the affordable Classic 8” Chef’s Knife, made from one solid piece of Pakka wood. This wood is durable, non-slip, easy to clean, waterproof, bacteria-resistant, comfortable, and attractive. The blade is made from German Stainless Steel (5Cr15mov); full tang with a razor-sharp 15° blade angle on each side and 56 Rockwell hardness. A hammered finish makes for a cleaner cut through meats and veggies.

In addition to the knife collection, Vie Belles is also offering their double-sided cutting board, made from three types of wood and inspired by modern art. The construction is an end-grain butcher block made with Oregon black walnut, maple, and oak, then top coated with an oiled, food-safe finish. For ease of storage, a magnetic strip runs down the center to hold knives in place and to prevent food from being stuck, an extra slot is located on the opposite side. When food gets lodged, simply give it a good knock and the particles will fall out. A combination of professional chefs and master craftsmen have provided their expertise in the construction, design, and reliability of each cutting board.

The Vie Belles Chef Knives and Cutting Board ranges from $30 to $180, with products estimated to ship December, 2017.

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