Shoptimality Launches Cloud POS With Artificial Intelligence For Small Retailers

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 16 Aug, 2017 – As with all other industries, retail vertical has been largely influenced by technology over the past decade. Amongst all the innovations that happened in the retail sector, artificial intelligence technology has proven to be of the greatest help to retail businesses. The problem is, it has traditionally only been available to big retail chains. As usual in the competition game, small family-owned retail shops have been left behind. This happened mainly because of lack of, or maybe better said no resources they were able to dedicate to technological research.

The new cloud point of sales solution launched by Shoptimality aims to change that. It finally brings retail artificial intelligence technology which will be available to small brick-and-mortar shop owners completely free. This will enable them to optimize every aspect of their businesses and increase their revenue, thus giving them a slight advantage over the big stores for a change.

Given that AI technology mostly works in the background and is relatively new, at least in the retail industry, it may not be as obvious what benefits exactly can AI provide to small businesses. However, there are more benefits than a business owner would expect. What’s important to say is that everything it does is strongly based on customer’s behaviour. As opposed to other technologies which aim to change the customer, this one listens to them and gives them what they need and when they need it.

One example of what it can do is it can generate suggestions for item layouts which would triger the customers to buy more than just what they came for originally. Another thing it can do is to recognize exactly what a particular customer needs and when they need it. Following that, it can generate a personalized special offer for that customer which would ultimately trigger them to buy it. Those capabilities are just a tip of the iceberg on what AI can do for brick-and-mortar businesses. The help it can provide goes all the way up to the stock management and suggestions on changing you inventory based on forecasted product demand.

For more information on what AI can do for brick-and-mortar retail businesses, visit Shoptimality.

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