Author Clementene Ewell Hughes Shares a Children’s Story with Beautiful Insights

A story that teaches the core of friendship, individual differences, and unconditional love

Thomas Berry once said, “Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live.” Author Clementene Ewell Hughes has been blessed with a wonderful family that inspired her to share stories that are not only fun or adventurous, she ascertains also to mold the children and the readers of all ages with lessons that make life worth exploring. 

She releases Emelee and Her Friend Stanley, published by Aurthorhouse and marketed by Toplink. This illustrated children’s book talks about the adventures of Emelee and how she changes her view to the people around her. Emelee spontaneously makes friends with a person of the human race that she has looked upon as being yucky in the past. When she meets and befriends Stanley, the two embarks on very important lessons about accepting and respecting their differences, and how they learn what love really means from their families and above all, from Omnipotent God.

Clementene or fondly called, “Clem”, writes the story in a very simple style that allows the book to be used as a bedtime story with a great cause. Her message is easy to understand and the plot itself is truly structured from a true-to-life situation. She embodies the relevance of the family’s spiritual fortitude that strengthens the basic unit of the society. 

Like Emelee, the reader recalls their experiences at school and some parts of prejudices and anxieties in their social and spiritual journey. And Clem carefully conveys the moral for the parents to use this material in teaching their children. The best thing is that Clem shares more experiences of Emelee as she produces series of stories for everyone to look into. Funny, but realistic, she authors, Emelee’s Invisible Night Stalker: Inspired by an actual event” and Emelee’s Fishing Adventure: What a Day!

Clem is happy to impart her secret of happiness and inspiration, “I am going to make it with the help of God.”

Clementene Ewell Hughes

Emelee and Her Friend Stanley

Emelee’s Invisible Night Stalker: Inspired by an actual event

Emelee’s Fishing Adventure: What a Day!

Her books are available on Authorhouse Publishing, Amazon, Kobo , WH-Smith, Google Books, and more resellers.

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About the Author

I was born and raised in Alachua County, Florida. Married for forty-five years and counting with two children, a son and daughter; four grandchildren, three granddaughters, and one grandson; two great grandchildren, a great granddaughter and a great grandson. With a background like that, life has been pretty interesting, to say the least. There were many times in my life that I wanted to venture into something adventurous but that kind of never happened until I picked up a pen and began to write. Now I can venture wherever I want with a pen and a somewhat humorous imagination.

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