How to Get your Account Info from Any Phone Company

UNITED STATES – 16 Aug, 2017 – In the United States, there are approximately two-hundred different phone carriers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and regional landline providers. When a customer tries to port their phone number away from these companies, it can often be a huge headache.

It can be very difficult for a customer to get their account number, password or PIN from their existing carrier to transfer their number to another service provider. If a phone company makes it easy to leave, they lose you as a customer and end up losing your ongoing monthly payment.

Customer service reps are typically trained to make it very difficult for anyone to leave the service provider and keep their own phone number.

A Colorado based prepaid wireless company has created a database of How to Get your Account Number, Password & Contact Info from Every Phone Company in the United States. The database currently contains the contact and account information for over (200) phone companies in the USA. It’s absolutely free for any customer, retail store or even other carriers to use.

Why the Account Number, Password & Contact Info Database was created

The database started out as a bunch of 3-ring binders and Microsoft Word documents that the companies employees would use to gather the necessary information when a new customer wanted to transfer a phone number into Best Cellular service from a different company. Over a period of (5) years, with multiple employees working on the Contact Info binders, it simply got to be too much work to find the customer account info from each company when a customer wanted to transfer their phone number.

To make things easier for customers as well as their employees, the company created a team of (7) research analysts to discover where to obtain the account information from every service provider, including the more obscure or harder to reach phone companies. On top of their research, this team started the major task of converting numerous notebooks, binders, and documents into a single online database that anyone with internet access can use.

Quotes about building this tool

  • President/CEO – M. Curtis McCoy, “Starting out years ago as an employee in a small prepaid phone store, I’ve personally struggled hundreds of times trying to help a customer who just wants to keep their phone number but can’t get the info from their carrier. We had to create a solution.”
  • Lead Agent – Austin Abbott, “What was once just a pile of notebooks and binders containing information that was only available to our employees, has now become the most comprehensive resource for every cell phone and landline customer in America. I’m amazed that Mr. McCoy has chosen to make this a public and free resource (even for his competitors).”
  • CMO – Connie V. Wyatt, “In this ever-changing industry, you MUST learn to work smarter, not just harder. The goal of this massive project was to simplify the (sometimes overwhelming) process of porting anyone’s phone service to a different company that better suits their needs.”
  • Shift Manager – Jenny Byrge, “The most difficult part of porting a customer’s phone number is not the work that an employee does, but what the customer has to do to get their account information from some of these carriers. After dealing with so many of these companies trying to get the information that customers need, we were amazed by how difficult the process was. I’m proud to have been a part of this epic achievement.”
  • Research Analyst – Sam Liedtke, “We quickly realized, not only was this project larger in scope than initially anticipated, but the potential benefits were exponential. This was a necessary project that the industry has been needing since the wireless industry launched in April 1973. A resource of this magnitude has been a long time coming and we’re glad to be able to share it with the world.”

Learn more about the Account Number, Password & Contact Info Database.

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