NYC Chiropractor Dr. Perna Obtains Gold Standard in Sports Fitness Certification

NEW YORK CITY, NY – 16 Aug, 2017 – Dr David Perna DC, CSCS, CCSP of Back and Body Medical in New York City has recently obtained the highest certification level to prepare athletes to get back into shape following an injury. The Certification Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is a crucial qualification because it enables Dr Perna to establish programs that will improve recovery, maintain fitness levels, and identify areas of workout mechanics that may lead to future injury.

The qualification is extremely difficult to obtain, as it requires continual study with a certain number of credits to be completed each year to maintain the CSCS status. It is generally a qualification that sports physical therapists,  athletic trainers, and quite rare for a chiropractors to have it too.

As such, Dr Perna’s existing CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner) qualification dovetails perfectly with the CSCS qualification. The CCSP provides the expert knowledge and skills needed to treat sports related injuries, while the CSCS qualification enables him to prepare and create programs of sports rehabilitation for patients to help them to retain and maintain a higher level of fitness while healing. This means they can return to their sport at a higher level of fitness rather than having to start a fitness program all over again.

Such rehabilitation programs include:

  • To perform correct strength rehabilitation programs designed to help strengthen the injured area(s)
  • To establish proper proven and correct programs of fitness to help the patient maintain a level of fitness while recovering from the injury, meaning they don’t have to begin their fitness program from scratch once their injury has healed
  • To help patients maintain a general conditioning program through good blood flow and cardio vascular working for endurance which helps to speed the healing process
  • To analyze and spot poor mechanic of an exercise which may result in a future injury to the athlete
  • To help prevent soft tissue injuries forming due to different training programs that normally occur after an injury

He is also an active member of the National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA), the governing body for CSCS, and thus helps him to gain knowledge of all the latest techniques and studies relating to sports injuries.

Using both qualifications together enable Dr Perna to provide a truly unique service to athletes, namely to treat their injuries, and to rehabilitate and maintain their fitness levels while they heal.

While many doctors and chiropractors profess to understand sports injuries, most are without these proper certifications and knowledge, and so are unable to fully help their patients.

The CSCS is now required by the NCAA for strength and conditioning professionals who work with division one athletes on the college campus.  Recently the CCSP has become a requirement for chiropractors who work or volunteer on the medical staff of the United States Olympic Teams. 

Dr Perna says it is his “…goal to help athletes and sports people maintain their high fitness levels through various rehab programs, while their injuries are being properly treated and healing effectively.”


Back and Body Medical has successfully assisted professional and college athletes of varying sports for almost 10 years. Dr. Perna has also led the recovery of countless professional athletes after sustaining a sport’s injury, using award-winning treatments and therapy to provide proficient care and assistance during their rehabilitation. When using exercise to help the body recuperate from high level sports, Dr. Perna emphasizes the focus of the exercises to help with restoring function, speeding recovery, and enhancing future performance. With his guidance, recovery from high-intense workouts will get one’s body on the mend quickly and safely.

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