Windows 10 License & Office 2016 Product Key for Activation

Windows 10 has now become the world’s most popular operating system as 350 million users of windows 10 to date are not wrong. Windows 10 was released in July 29, 2015 and it comes with great new features that let you do things fast and easily.

Microsoft has made massive changes in Office 2016 Professional and Windows 10 Pro, however, most of the changes are hidden beneath a reassuringly familiar-looking surface. If you want to buy Windows 10 or Office 2016 Professional Product Key directly from Microsoft, you pay $119.99 for Windows Home and $199.99 for Windows Pro while Office 2016 Professional Plus costs $499.99 on Microsoft’s Store. If you want to buy a license of a previous version of Windows, you are out of luck as Microsoft does not offer those for sale anymore.

If you point your web browser to Product-Key company’s website you may notice that you can grab Windows 10 Pro and Office Professional Plus 2016 product keys for less than $29.

The license key is genuine, it has never been used before. Activation is for life and Updates work. Licenses come from third-party Microsoft reseller (which usually means OEM / system builder versions). The product includes a new, unused Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and Windows 10 Pro genuine Product Key that can be used to activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and Windows 10 Pro in any region. Once activated, the key will bind to your motherboard and will never expire. The activation key will be sent directly to your Email Address associated with your purchase after payment is confirmed. Deliveries are generally completed in 5 – 60 minutes depending on the time of purchase.

Microsoft allows anyone to download and install Office Professional Plus 2016 and Windows 10 for free and it without a product key but then you will need to activate it. It’ll keep working for the foreseeable future, with only a few small cosmetic restrictions. And you can even pay to upgrade to a licensed copy of Windows 10 after you install it.

Retailers like Amazon may offer discounts, and OEM versions on top of that, but you will still spend a considerable sum to grab a license. There you may get copies of previous versions of Windows as well.

Office 2016 vs. Office 365

Here’s the main difference: Office 2016 is the the traditional Microsoft Office product, sold for a one-time, up-front fee. You pay once to buy a version of Office 2016 you can install on a single PC or Mac and use for as long as you like. There’s no expiration date.

Office 365, on the other hand, is the new way Microsoft wants you to buy Office. Rather than paying a hefty up-front price, you pay a monthly or yearly fee and get access to the latest version of Office for as long as you pay the fee. You also get additional OneDrive cloud storage and access to the Office apps for tablets. You can choose a subscription that allows you to install Office on up to five different computers, sharing it with your family, or just get Office for yourself.

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