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Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd has been focusing on the production of a wide range of LED lighting systems and fixtures for several years now and has buttressed its position as a leading dealer of LED lights.

LED lights are fast becoming the standardized lighting systems across commercial/industrial and domestic sectors throughout the world, slowly replacing the conventional illumination modes that have held sway for ages. LEDs come equipped with a range of unique features which gives them a clear edge over fluorescent and incandescent lights and bulbs. Most significantly, LEDs are energy-efficient which helps in saving on utility bills. Then again, they’ve an extended lifespan, and low heat dissipation factor, resistant to breakage and vibrations as well as do not emit IR or UV rays. is a reputed manufacturer of LED lighting solutions and related accessories including DMX512 Underwater Lights.

Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd fabricates a comprehensive array of LED lights and fixtures that can be grouped under distinct categories. These classifications include single color LED light strips, color changing LED strips, dream color LED strip lights, complete LED strip kits, LED module string lights, LED dimmer controllers, outdoor industrial lighting, LED human-sensor night lights, LED light bulbs, and so on. The firm also makes tube lights, LED car lights, LED grow lights, LED power supply adapter, and LED lights accessories. One of the LED lighting accessories, the company specializes in is the addressable LED controller. This LED controller comes with a RF remote control, has over thousand types of patterns to choose from, is simple to operate using automatic keys, and the combination of patterns can be customized.

DMX512 Underwater Lights

The DNX512 led controller are extensively used for regulating LED lighting setup in retail stores, holiday inns, Christmas parties, museums, aquariums, swimming pools, clubs and bars. These controllers can also be used for monitoring LED installations on the façades of plazas, parks, signboards, display boards, parks, scenic spots, and so on. was founded with the goal of illuminating homes and offices across the world in an affordable manner and preventing further damage to the heavily endangered environment. The company had a very humble beginning mass producing LED lights and presently exports over 90% of its wares to overseas customers.

Talking about the DMX512 Underwater Lights, these lights find widespread use as poolside lights, fountain lights and pond lights. The lights come with a riveted terminal base, are fully waterproof, can withstand temperatures ranging from 32˚F-194˚F, and have been designed in a manner that keep them in service much longer than halogen or incandescent models. Their water resistant attribute makes them ideal for using as hot tub and spa lights. The lights are encased in a parabolic domed lens made of glass which diminishes glare significantly and also disperses the light uniformly throughout. The underwater lights at the same time are also quite energy efficient consuming not more than 21watts of power in comparison to the 95-100watts guzzled by an incandescent lamp.

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Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd is a Shenzhen based manufacturer of LED lighting systems and accessories that are in demand all over the world.For more details or to place an order, please visit their website.

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