Upgrades e-Commerce Website, Adds Hundreds of Used Servers for Sale

Upper Marlboro, Maryland – Stallion Technology, a leading tech refurnishing and IT Service Company, has just released that it has added several hundred used servers to its e-commerce site. This is exciting news for companies or individuals in need of a good server, particularly if looking to buy them for a low-cost. The word “used” typically has a negative connotation, but Stallion Tek is here to break that little metal reflex.

For over 25 years, Stallion Tek has become the primary source of IT services and networking equipment across the greater Washington, DC metro area and online The company strives on giving quality server inspections and excellent customer service. Once they receive IT equipmentor used servers, there is a set of high-quality standards they must go through to continue on to the next stage to become certified and ultimately be available to customers. The Stallion Tek team thoroughly inspects each part to ensure no damage or mishandling has been done. Afterit goes on to a more in-depth test and examination to determine if it is suited to be refurbished or recycled. Only servers that have been certified are sold to customers.

At Stallion Tek, they believe service doesn’t truly begin until after the product arrives at the customer’s doorstep. This is why they are committed to giving outstanding customer service. The Stallion Tek team is always available through email, online chat, or the phone when customers are in need of advice. They truly look for complete satisfaction from their clients.

Refurbished servers are great when working under a budget. Recycled servers are significantly cheaper than new market products and get the same job done. The difference is the staff at Stallion Tek is passionate about exceeding expectations. Whether someone has a limit to the amount of money they can spend or are looking for an upgrade, the team at Stallion Tek will help to find a positive solution. The staff truly looks for products that are best for customers and guide them to make proper decisions.

When looking for used cheap servers, Stallion Tek is the one-stop-shop that will fit any budget. With premium customer service and products, Stallion Tek is making a strong name for itself within the IT community. The company keeps stock of all up-to-date equipment of major manufacturers like HP, Dell, and IBM. They cherry pick the best of the best of their stock to ensure that they are giving customers every penny worth of new hardware. Customers can rest-assured knowing that each product that is shipped from Stallion Tek is heavily reviewed, tested, guaranteed. They also stand by their lowest price guarantee on all servers.

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