EnSolvVapour Degreasing Solvents For Precision Metal Cleaning

Vapour degreasing is the simplest but most effective degreasing and cleaning process. It has, until recently, been subject to little change since it was first invented in the early part of the last century. The name for the process is a misnomer as the cleaning is actually achieved by solvent vapour condensing on the cooler target parts and the hot liquid solvent dissolving oil and removing dirt. Vapour degreasing is a mature technology on which legislation is now effecting changes so fundamental that the more accurate name for the process “Condensation Cleaning” should be used to reflect the way in which it works.

EnSolv® is a trusted family of environmentally friendly precision vapour degreasing and cleaning solvents for the aerospace, precision engineering, medical, optical and electronic industries. Custom blends serve applications where standard formulations require modifications.

The stabilised n-propyl bromide (nPB) sold in the UK under the brand name EnSolv® is the ONLY realistic “drop in” replacement for trichloroethylene when used for vapour degreasing. It is on average up to 50% cheaper than fluorocarbon formulations being proposed as alternatives. EnSolv® vapour degreasing solvents are the most effective alternative to trichloroethylene and other chlorinated and fluorocarbon based solvents. EnSolv® is approved  by US EPA Snap and is included in US Tri-Service corrosion manuals. Usage is approved by Boeing and the major OEMs worldwide as a replacement for Trike. Fast, economical cleaning and degreasing in one tank using minimal floor area.

EnSolv® vapoour degreasers are specifically formulated to address the difficult precision cleaning problems experienced in high-tech industries where exceptional levels of cleanliness are needed. These degreasing solvents are specifically formulated to address the difficult cleaning problems experienced in industries where exceptional levels of precision cleaning are needed.

EnSolv® products are economical in use, with very high solvency power for excellent fast precision cleaning in any vapour degreasing equipment with greatly improved productivity and lower maintenance costs.  Mid-range operating temperature reduces energy usage with a faster cleaning cycle and easier more comfortable handling for operators.

EnSolv® is safe for the environment with low global warming and ozone depletion the lower temperature of operation reduces energy usage and reduces CO2 emission.  The products are not classified as a carcinogen enhancing safe usage for operators.

Manufactured in the UK with excellent customer service, technical support and training from qualified distributors throughout Europe.

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