Author Reveals Shocking Facts about Injustice, Cults and Judicial Corruptions

The author opens doors for questions and leaves the answers to the readers

He is known for being courageous and headstrong. And his books do not take readers to wild, fanciful imaginations as he exposes the harsh realities that he wants the readers to look into and dig deeper like he does. He is the author of Fighting the Black Robe Conspiracy, TORN ASUNDER, In the Jaws Of the Cult, and Wrongfully Shackled. All of which are the stories of his life, his principles and his inner turmoil about the circumstances he’s faced in.

TORN ASUNDER, In the Jaws Of the Cult is his first book. It chronicles his membership in a cult for 8 years until he was excommunicated. He gives descriptive details on the child abuse, the cult’s practices, their beliefs, and how marriages like his own, get destroyed by their ministry. He wishes to warn people with the truth of this group and uncover the horrific situations that happened. Bernie says,” A lot of readers have gotten angry at this group and thanked me for saving them from getting deceived by their double tongued speech. The cult has a smooth tongue that can deceive many unless you understand their cunning double meanings.” One reviewer on Amazon affirms, “I did enjoy this book. Very descriptive and as a reader, I can feel the emotion of the authors words.”

On another book, Bernie bravely shares, “I went through a lot of judicial corruption before I found the tactics at how to fight a corrupt court which does not adhere to the laws or statutes. What can a person do when a judge literally runs out of the courtroom as you enter it for your scheduled hearing? Instead of getting a fair trial, you without a court hearing, get arrested and hauled off to jail. What can you do when the judge angrily refuses to listen to the evidence you have and threatens you with jail if you dare bring up the facts again? What can you do if the judge said that he does not consider it child abuse if the principal beat your child with sawed-off golf clubs? He explains what did work, and what did not work. FIGHTING THE BLACK ROBE CONSPIRACY an informational book that will give ideas to the reader of how to beat a corrupt court and a judge which is beyond bias, and is bordering criminal behavior.

Having spent almost a year in Jail, Bernie narrates his experience in the book, WRONGFULLY SHACKLED, “I had the desire to write it in such a way that the reader would feel what I was feeling while I waited the judge’s sentence to end. The worst part was that I was innocent of the fabricated crime that I supposedly committed. The last judge actually forced into seeing the error when I applied the tactics I wrote about in the second book, “Fighting the Black Robe Conspiracy.”

Bernie Tocholke

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About the Author 

The most influential candidate to inform us of an issue is someone that has personally experienced the topic of discussion themselves. Bernie Tocholke did not write how others saw our justice system faulty, but wrote about how he became a victim himself. Financially destroyed but not verbally silenced, he expounds on the trauma he suffered and how he wishes you the reader could learn from this book at how to avoid some of the unjust judicial snares.

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