Increase Online Presence with a Powerful Reputation Management Solution

Hanover, PA – Marketing has evolved into a new digital era and experts are needed to deliver an effective method of utilizing this new technology. Luckily, companies like Local Brand Manager, an online presence company, exists to provide the best service needed for companies to stay ahead of their competitors online while also providing review management solutions.

“We help retailers make a distinct impact on revenue by identifying several areas in their online presence that drives customers to choose their stores over competitors,” explains a company representative. Companies who avail of Local Brand Manager’s services will also find it easier to keep track of their online presence due to the company’s promise to deliver a unique all in one dashboard experience. “The benefit to our clients is complete online presence management simplified into a single dashboard. We also power a white-label reputation management dashboard for many agencies across the US.”

Data has become very valuable in the digital age given the many benefits it has for a business. For one, it can be used for brand awareness both online and offline. This is a make or break phase for any business; thus, expert reputation management is necessary. The amount of work needed to establish and maintain the online presence of a business is overwhelming for any company to handle. That is why Local Brand Manager is a relief for companies who are looking for effective ways to take advantage of the numerous benefits found on the internet.

Local Brand Manager helps its clients in a lot of different ways. Aside from making sure that a company’s presence is felt online, they also make it easier for clients to keep track of their progress. The company monitors all stores on a daily basis and notifies the client right away of new reviews found on over 20 local search and review sites. The company also provides review management services and sends unlimited emails requesting reviews of the client’s business. The responses/reviews made by clients are filtered by star rating. Positive and negative reviews are also filtered in order for companies to know which step to take in providing better customer service.

For clients who would like to pay Local Brand Manager a visit, their head office is located at 1 Center Sq Hanover, PA 17331. Clients can also give them a call at (717) 524-1236, email them at, or visit their website at

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