Head Shop Headquarters Offers Free Shipping on All Domestic Orders

Spicewood, Texas – August 17, 2017 – If you’re looking to expand your range of smoking devices, you need to find a place offering free shipping. It’s a pain to get into your car and drive to a local smoke shop. You might find you live in a place where there aren’t any smoke shops nearby, making matters worse. People that have head shops in their town may not want to run into anyone they know. It’s best to order your smoking supplies online, you’ll benefit from the discreet shipping. Skip the traffic and crowds by ordering your head shop needs entirely online. In this post, you will learn about three items offered by Head Shop Headquarters.


A chillum is a slender like pipe that is great for stealth smoking. The chillum differs from a traditional pipe because it has no carb on the side. You will want to use a chillum for consuming small amounts of cannabis at once. Larger amounts of cannabis are stuffed into deeper bowls of devices including bubblers and bongs. The smaller size of a chillum certainly doesn’t limit its visual appeal. You will find chillums made in wide variety of shapes and styles.


A bubbler is slightly different from a smoking pipe. You’ll find a bubbler uses water, making it much like a bong. Using a bubbler means never having to pull out the stem. You only have to use a carb on the side of a bubbler to use it effectively. You can find many great bubblers are available online, with one huge drawback. Many smoking devices are known for their high shipping costs. It’s great to get a bubbler at Head Shop Headquarters and not have to pay those outrageous shipping fees. Many people love using a bubbler because of how well it combines a traditional pipe and bong.

Dab Rigs

You will find that dab rigs are different from other cannabis devices. Many traditional smoking devices involve the use of burning cannabis. A dab rig heats a concentrate through the use of a torch. Many people report that using dab rigs provides a much stronger high. A dab contains concentrated amounts of cannabis materials which are known for producing more intense effects. Cannabis is a leafy plant material while a dab looks more like a sticky, oily substance.


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