Develop For Results International Relocating Headquarters to Dallas Texas

DALLAS, TX – 17 Aug, 2017 – DFRI are moving to Dallas Texas to better serve their growing clientele across the globe.

Develop For Results International (DFRI) is proud to announce they are relocating to Dallas, Texas, effective immediately. Services will continue uninterrupted for current clients with new clients being able to sign up starting November 1st, 2017. Services will be available to Texas, and surrounding states, business owners outsourcing human resources needs such as employee performance, disciplinary actions, workplace conflict resolution and recruiting and selection support which are available on a case-by-case basis.

In March 2017, the average cost for employees was $35.28 per hour worked. This cost includes health and other benefits. DFRI eliminates not only the hourly costs of expanding your Human Resources department, in many cases they can become your Human Resources department. Most small companies do not have a Human Resources department which can become a detriment as the company grows and expands by bringing on additional staff.

Partnering with DFRI eliminates having to track Human Resources employees and their “benefit” to your company. This leaves owners time to focus on expanding, building, and retooling their companies to match market needs and expectations. Costs for DFRI service are varied across many packages depending on the needs of the client. In almost all instances, the Return On Investment and added value to the company outweigh the cost of the services..

Private individuals can use DFRI Advisory services to improve their capabilities as a manager and correct any problems in their departments. Private clients have made use of DFRI Advisory services to improve their skills with departmental design, employee recognition, staff motivation and problem solving among many other courses in resolving other professional situations.

Develop For Results International provides services for business professionals including the owners and employees wishing to expand their skills repertoire. DFRI offers various packages for both businesses and private professionals that suit anyone’s budget with quality training and advice.

Using DFRI services improves your business and professional career. Don’t take on unnecessary expenses or lose a promotion due to lack of skills, contact Develop For Results International today.

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