Global Robotics Market will Grow due to Introduction of Modular Robotics, Nano-Robotics and Cloud Robotics

“Global Robotics Market is forecasted to be close to USD 45 Billion by 2020.”
Global Robotics Market is expected to be close to USD 45 Billion by 2020. In recent years demand of robots has increased tremendously as growing trends are heading for automation and constant pioneering technical advancements in industrial robotics and service robotics. Industrial Robotics has the lion’s share of more than 80 percent in Global Robotics Market and rest is with Service Robotics.

Robotics technologies are used to automate processes, increase productivity, improve quality and decrease human errors. Robotics technology is used in industries like defense, health care, aerospace, and infrastructure. Robotics Technology are used for several activities like surgical operations, assembling products, detecting and defusing bombs, product inspection, space missions, cleaning and household works.

Global Robotics Market is forecasted to be close to USD 45 Billion by 2020. Rising trends are en-route for automation and constant pioneering technical advancements in industrial robotics and service robotics, the demand of robots has increased immensely.

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As Robotics technology consists of machine, tools and computer applications used for various purposes such as manufacturing, designing and other applications of robots. Increasing demand for automation in industries has advanced the acceptance of robotics technology mainly in the automotive industry. Advancement of technologies like modular robotics, nano-robotics and cloud robotics fuels the Robotic market globally.

Market Segment of Robotic Technology: Overview

Robotics markets were categorized into two segments globally
• Global Industrial Market
• Global Service Market

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According to Renub Research, the report consists of in-depth analysis of Robotics Technology such as

Global Industrial Robotics Market further categorized into

• Automotive Industry
• Electrical & Electronics Industry
• Metal Industry
• Chemical, Rubber and Plastics Industry
• Food Industry
• Others

Global Service Robotics Market also categorized into

• Agriculture (Field)
• Defense
• Logistic
• Medical
• Construction
• Mobile Platform
• Inspection
• Underwater
• Rescue and Security
• Others

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The Report also consists of following

• The report gives an in-depth analysis of the Robotics Technology Market globally with current and future trends to explicate the looming investment in the market.

• To determine the overall appearance and to figure out lucrative trends in order to put on a stronger foothold in the market.

• It also provides information about key drivers.

• Quantitative analysis of the current market and projection through 2010-2020.

• Analysis of the industry and potential of the buyers & suppliers participating in the market.

• Roles of stakeholders involved in the value chain.


Implementation of Robotic Technology Reduce the risks of Human Accidents

Globally the labor safety standards becoming more severe, robots are being employed in risky environments in place of humans. Robots find application in situations that are unsafe and insecure for humans to work, Robots facilitate industries to avoid risks and reduce the number of work accidents. These are the factors that leads to larger acceptance of robotics technology in the market globally.


Key Players in Robotics Technology

The key players in the Robotics Technology are Yaskawa Electric Corporation, KUKA AG, Adept Technology, Nachi– Fujikoshi, iRobot, Intuitive Surgical.

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