Native Currency Announces date for ICO Token Sale

Native Currency(NATV) is excited to announce that they’ll begin their highly anticipated ICO token sale from 1st September 2017. The cryptocurrency developed by freelance community using the Ethereum block chain technology will provide businesses and freelancers access to freelance jobs, web hosting services,  and a secure payment network using native currency tokens. The ICO will end once all tokens are sold in the ICO or within 30 days whichever comes first. There are maximum 30,000,000 NATV to be given and the minimum amount is already raised by the company. No additional NATV tokens will ever be released and the purchasers in the ICO will receive 1000 NATVs for 1 Ethereum (ETH).

Considering the increasing number of freelancers around the globe, Native Currency aims to become the top choice in payment and hosting services for the international freelance industry. By using the NATV tokens, the investors will have rights to access the freelance marketplace as well as use their freelance and payment networks. They can sell or offer freelance services & professional business services using the NATV tokens. The token holders will also have the right to sell NATV tokens to freelancers & businesses who use NATV tokens for accessing the network, paying hosting fees and transferring escrow payments.

NATV pays special emphasis in minimizing the risk for their token holders for which the purchased tokens are distributed through a smart contract on a public blockchain. This ensures that they receive instant credit for all the NATV tokens purchased. Purchasing the NATV tokens is fairly easy. The payment can be done by setting up a wallet on  Once the wallet is created, the purchaser can move the Ethereum amount into their wallet and use it to purchase the NATV tokens. For buying the Ethereum tokens, the purchaser can visit any of the cryptocurrency exchange websites, one of the most popular is Other cryptocurrencies can also be sold or exchanged for Ethereum. The NATV tokens will be distributed to the purchasers account through the smart contract immediately following the purchase, where they’ll be able to manage their tokens as well.

With the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum, many of the businesses and freelancers have realized the potential of cryptocurrencies in taking them one step ahead. There are more than 100 million professionals working internationally in the freelance industries while contributing over $715 billion in annual earnings. Native Currency provides the freelance professionals a platform using the Ethereum block chain technology where they can advertise or bid on freelance jobs, create professional profiles, host websites, and manage transactions using NATV tokens. These tokens also enable the users to manage and release international escrow & outsourcing payments faster and at lower costs than standard escrow platforms.

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