Patricia Hammar Is Making It Easier To Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

Small business owners can relax and enjoy the protection of having legal counsel with Patricia Hammar and PKHammarLegal, PC.

Helping small businesses get started on the right foot is Patricia Hammar’s specialty. Her business, PKHammarLegal, PC (, excels at helping business owners handle their legal affairs knowledgeably and with expertise.

“Our business provides legal counsel to help the small business owner get started right and handle all of the legal issues small businesses face,” Hammar says.

Having sound legal counsel for advisement and security is essential when starting a business, Hammar says, because small business owners need a knowledgeable legal advocate.

“We are peace of mind, lawyers who care that small businesses prosper and have the ability to use the law to grow and protect those businesses,” Hammar says. “We provide an understanding of the legal issues that impact your business and are someone to call if they need help.”

Working with PKHammarLegal, PC, clients can expect to be able to: properly address employee issues, establish proper contracts, learn the proper structuring of their companies, and have succession planning or guidance during the sale of their company.

When small businesses need contracts drawn up quickly or urgent legal advice, PKHammarLegal, PC is there, ready and willing to assist at a moment’s notice, Hammar says. Hammar is adamant that having an attorney that specializes in serving small businesses is essential to protecting assets and ensuring future success.

“My work is as an advisor to the small business owner. You would never expect a large business to operate without an attorney, but small businesses try to do it all the time,” Hammar says. “Sometimes having an attorney can avoid the loss of something they have poured their whole being into, or, sometimes, this means being able to get that one opportunity that really helps put them on the map.”

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