Next Business Tycoon, the top business tycoon game in Google Play launches their second version

Michael Asaraf, Israel based developer has announced the launch of Next Business Tycoon 2, the second version of the leading business game on Google Play. Soon after its release, the game has been downloaded by many and received great reviews by the users. “Real business tycoon game where you need to put your mind into it”, says one user.

As the name suggests, the game offers a simulation of the user into the business world. It has multiple levels, each of which offers something different. The players can manage their own company, compete against players from around the globe, managing investment & transportations as well as foreign relations under which they can attack or secure a company, just like in actual business. The game allows the user to mine the resources and trade them, make investments in a soccer team, Space Company and more. On each level, the player will be able to see the capital they have, ranking, net worth, economy level, offensive level, gold coins, and other details.

Next Business Tycoon 2 offers the excitement of the business where the player strives to become one of the strongest companies. The players compete with each other and they can attack or make alliances with one another. This app also helps the newbies into the business world to get an overview of how business works. It offers a realistic experience of the business world where the players can gain knowledge while having fun.

To start playing the game, the player can choose their location on the global map and start developing their company by including concessions, resources, transportation, research & development and more. Version 2 of the app offers several more updated features such as the group of 20 top industrial countries placed on the world map, investment option in startup companies, biggest banks in the world placed on the world map to allow loans at different rates and more. The new version will also offer more competition, and thus, more challenges & excitement. As the player becomes business tycoon by overcoming the various levels, new features will be revealed including the stock market & alliances. Next business tycoon 2 is now available for free download on Google Play.

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