Hearing Components Partners With beyerdynamic on New In-Ear Headsets for Mobile Devices

OAKDALE, MN – 17 Aug, 2017 – Hearing Components, Inc., the manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earphone tips, recently teamed with beyerdynamic, a leading producer of high-quality professional audio products, for the Xelento remote and Xelento wireless, the German audio equipment company’s latest and most innovative in-ear headsets for mobile devices.

This year, beyerdynamic released the Xelento remote and Xelento wireless, two revolutionary lines of in-ear headsets for mobile devices that feature highly efficient miniaturized Tesla technology drivers to deliver striking sound quality and enhanced listening experiences. Tesla technology is beyerdynamic’s pioneering innovation that offers outstanding efficiency and impulse fidelity, resulting in coverage of the entire acoustic range. The Xelento remote utilizes a three-button remote and mic that are compatible with most Apple and Android devices. Its exclusive materials pair with ergonomically shaped casings to deliver phenomenal comfort and durability. The Xelento wireless combines all of these features with its Qualcomm ® aptX HD™ codec, ensuring optimal Bluetooth transmission. Moreover, all Xelento remote and Xelento wireless products include three pairs of Comply™ Foam tips that offer unrivaled comfort, grip and external dB reduction compared to standard silicone, making both of these products ideal for music lovers and audiophiles who are constantly on the move.

Comply™ Foam earpiece tips synergize very well with both Xelento in-ear headsets due to their industry-leading noise isolation and custom fit. All Comply™ tips feature unique viscoelastic memory foam technology, allowing them to conform to the user’s ear canal as it shifts and expands due to movements and temperature changes. This results in a snug and comfortable fit that optimizes sound quality and prevents bass tones from leaking out. Furthermore, Comply™ tips offer twice the grip strength of silicon tips, preventing in-ear headsets from constantly slipping out.

The Xelento remote and Xelento wireless will soon be available from qualified specialist dealers and directly from the manufacturer at www.beyerdynamic.com for $999 and $1,199, respectively.

See more information on the Xelento remote at http://www.beyerdynamic.com/shop/xelento-remote.html

See more information on the Xelento wireless at http://www.beyerdynamic.com/shop/xelento-wireless.html

About Hearing Components, Inc.:

Founded in 1990, Hearing Components, Inc. has been offering unparalleled sound isolation, in-ear retention and comfort with Comply™ foam tips for over 15 years, continuously researching and developing new sound products and technology for consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and more. All Comply™ products are manufactured in Oakdale, MN.

To learn more about Hearing Components and its wide selection of quality foam tips, visit www.complyfoam.com.

About beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG:

beyerdynamic has over 90 years of experience in developing high-quality audio electronics. The German company’s Headphone and Audio System divisions utilize groundbreaking technology to develop industry-leading audio products (ranging from hi-fi headphones to conference and interpreting systems) with exceptional sound quality for both professional and private users. All beyerdynamic products developed in Germany and are manufactured primarily by hand.

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