Recent FinTech Partnerships Bode Well for GH Capital

We have seen services like PayPal (PYPL) emerge during the last decade. Now, it’s more about aggregation of payment solutions that makes it convenient for merchants to integrate those solutions in their platforms. 

Using aggregators also allow retailers to instantly offer multiple payment methods to the customers leading to a higher conversion rate. That’s why we see digital payment processing companies like Wirecard AG (WRCDF) expanding at a quick rate. The company registered a transaction volume growthof ~34% during the first quarter of 2017.

The point is that aggregation of payment methods is on the rise, and companies in this arena are set to benefit from this growth trend.

Growth of digital payment processors, or aggregators, will also positively impact individual payment gateway providers. 

More providers in the portfolio mean better offerings as far as aggregators are concerned. This will benefit gateway providers as aggregators beef up their services by making available more payment options. The bottom line is that growth of aggregation services is beneficial for gateway providers.

Recent Partnerships Render GH Capital An Aggregator Play

GH Capital Inc (GHHC), a gateway provider for online banking electronics payments, can also benefitfrom this trend. The company already entered in several partnerships with multiple payment processors. It recently partnered with Allied Wallet and has taken a 23% equity stake in VMoney. 

Allied Wallet is global payment providers and a credit card processor, basically an aggregator. The company exposes GH Capital’s payment service offering, ClickDirectPay (CDP), to 196 countries around the world. Note that online banking payment is dominant is Europe. So, GH Capital is only expected to benefit from its European exposure, especially in Germany and Austria. 

As CDP offers competitive fixed pricing, lack of switching costs make it a favorable option for aggregators. More deals of such kind should be expected in future due to attractive pricing of CDP.

As mentioned above, GH Capital also took an equity stake in VMoney. This is also a key development as VMoney is operating in the industry of non-conventional money transfer. You can see many services, like Azimo and Transferwise, flourishing in this space.

It is worth mentioning that money transfer industry is set to reach $600 billion during the current year. InfoSys notes that the brick-and-mortar agent-based models will continue to feel pressure while digital modes will continue to take off. The firm further argues that proliferation of connected devices is enabling the growth of digit money transfers.

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GH Capital isn’t only a FinTech company 

GH Capital is involved in the provision of IPO services for small corporations. The company offers its advisory services to small, potential growth, firms planning to get listed on stock exchanges. GH Capital Inc helps such companies to get listed on OTC markets including OTCQX, OTCQB and OTCPINK. GH Capital assists companies from across the globe to execute initial public offering. The company’s services range from advising on private placement and FINRA compliance to investor relations, and M&As.

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